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Applications Centre

Purpose-built applications centre for the practical testing

CBS Foodtech has its own purpose-built applications centre for the practical testing of food equipment and food processes. The applications centre enables us to show customers equipment uses, as well as food processing methods. CBS proactively evaluates food constituents and ingredients for purpose, as well as yields from various machine processes.

The test facility is fitted out with industrial refrigeration and freezers. Customers can freight product to us ahead of their visit and we can store their goods for trial and testing during the applications centre visit. We also offer live demonstrations by video call over MS Teams or Skype. CBS Foodtech can record these applications centre presentations for use and repeat viewing at the customer’s convenience. Alternatively, customers may choose demonstrations or training using their own machinery at their own production facilities.





Machine Testing

CBS Foodtech offer machine testing prior to purchase

Our applications centre offers clients the ability to trial food processes in order to bring new food products to market. Clients use our applications centre to assess production line set- up strategies.  They can then decide on the viability of machinery automation for food processes.

Often customers want to upscale their food processing operation to meet ever higher demands. CBS Foodtech offer machine testing prior to purchase. A new food line can make or break a business and so offering customers machine testing, gives them peace of mind. By looking at their production processes in relation to efficiency, speed, expense and waste, many customers seek automation over traditional processes that are labour intensive. CBS Foodtech offer yield and costing software for test results analysis.

Trolley & Smoke Sticks

For Smoking

Process Operation


We can help you with your food processing solutions.

If you are creating a proprietary food product unique to your business, CBS Foodtech can blend your specific mix of ingredients and become your supplier for your iconic burgers, sausages or ready meals.
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In the applications centre we replicate a customer’s processes

When it comes to machinery in the applications centre, we give customers a range of options leading off one machine. For  example if a customer is thinking of making sausages, then they will maybe look at a Kolbe Mincer to mince meats, Talsa Bowl Cutters for mixing, a Rex Vacuum Filler and accessories to fill the casings and possibly a Reich smokehouse and smoke sticks to hang, ferment and cook sausages and salamis.

Ingredient/Process Analysis
At CBS Foodtech our professionals will be able to utilize our knowledge to assess the beginning of your process and determine if there is a more efficient or cost effective approach.
Process Demonstration
At CBS Foodtech we are able to operate all our equipment in real facility circumstances. We will then be able to utilize your product on our machinery and demonstrate how it is used and if it is applicable prior to your purchase.
Product Finishing
We are able to utilise specific machinery or equipment in order to assist the final part of the process. Whether it be labour reducing automative equipment or different consumables that can be used. We will ensure that you will have the opportunity to automate your processing facility to the best of your ability.
Product Testing
To finalise our visit to our Applications Centre we are able to provide taste testing, product A/B testing as well as packaging.