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CBS Foodtech helps provide unrivalled solutions to meat and food processing businesses for them to thrive and prosper. We combine world class machinery and ingredients with product development and process design to give your business an end to end solution. CBS Foodtech help you automate your processing, reducing costs and improving yields for your current and future production needs.

Through our years of research and development we have come to rely on experiential results. We work to a product development strategy, which reveals specific outcomes. During the discovery process we look at long term unpredictable returns. In the technology development stage, we look at loosely structured elements. This is where planning is difficult and less predictable and we view this in the medium term. Product development forms the third part of of our R & D strategy where we structure methods. We have planned timings and assess predictable outcomes.


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We are a specialist supplier of innovative European processing equipment.  We supply only the highest quality products to our customers. Combine that with our backup services this ensures you maximise the value from your investment. As your partner we will work with you to understand your business. Together we can meet the ever growing challenges within the food processing business.

Our in-depth knowledge of the food processing environment gives us the edge

As our extensive experience enables us to provide food processing techniques for both raw materials and ingredients.  Our strong expertise in product and process development, coupled with machinery selection, technical installation and overall project management, ensures long term reliability for our customers. In addition, we also provide on site configuration and training to build your operational expertise, in order for you to have a roadmap for resolving issues should they occur. With the combined expertise of our engineers, technical team and management’s years in food processing technology, we offer solutions to futureproof your food process.

  • Team Planning

    Business Improvement Services

    CBS Foodtech provides unparalleled solutions to food manufacturers of all sizes. We have the knowledge, expertise and innovative vision to allow your business to perform as efficiently as possible.

    • Machine & Product Test Facility R&D
    • Product development
    • Full factory design, build and installations
    • Business case / Capital expenditure appraisal
    • Factory operations analysis & cost reduction programmes
    • Training
    • KPI Measurement programmes
  • CBS Foodtech Test Kitchen

    Machine & Product Test Facility

    CBS Foodtech offers a fully functional Machine & Product Test Facility that allows us to demonstrate the use of machinery and processing techniques. We are able to actively test ingredients for function and yield, and produce products from concept to production.

    Equipped with commercial fridges and freezes, interstate customers can pre send product ready for their arrival or the demonstration can be videotaped and sent back for viewing. Of course on request demonstrations can be performed at customers premises.

    Our Machine & Product Test Facility is available to customers who wish to test, develop and plan their next project, whether it’s the justification for a new machine, or developing your next big product line we have the ultimate mix of machinery, ingredients and product knowledge in the one facility. Read Test Kitchen page here.

    • Machinery covering a broad spectrum of applications
    • Ingredients & blending facility
    • Fully refrigerated
    • CBS yield and costing software for test results analysis
  • Second Hand Machinery Rentals

    Machinery Rentals

    CBS Foodtech can arrange rental of second hand machinery for short or long term periods. The advantages of rental are:

    • Allow you to continue with production in emergency breakdown situations, particularly if your machine of off production for an extended period of time for service/repairs
    • Limited production runs. Have the right machinery for limited production run contacts without disturbing your current production line
    • Try before you buy. Check that a particular machine is the “right fit” for your production plans before buying it
  • Process Applications

    Rex Vacuum Filler Applications


    Gourmet Sausage Production


    Modern Bacon Curing


    Modern Ham Curing & Processing


    Ham Production (with the Rex RVF740)

ABOUT CBS Foodtech

CBS Foodtech Pty Ltd is an Australian owned multifaceted company that is today a significant contributor to the food processing industry. A family owned and operated business established in its Sydney premises for 30 years.