Customer upscales some of his processes

It’s another happy client upscaling when CBS Foodtech start the installation of a new machine for this customer’s operation. This client orders a Reich UK Smoke Oven to cook various meat products and an Argon to precisely slice meat. He also orders a Puma EB to portion cut meat at different thicknesses and a Rex RVF 220 to vacuum fill sausages and smallgoods.

As part of his supply offering, this customer delivers cold cuts and slices. He requires the Argon to automate evenly slicing cooked and chilled chicken breast and other meats. He also requires machinery to fill various types of sausages and salamis. CBS Foodtech expedite the careful site installation of all equipment; UK Smokehouse Unit, a Treif Argon meat slicer and a Rex RVF 220 stand alone vacuum filler for sausage and salamis.

As mentioned in our previous News posts, each customer advises where they like machinery to be located. This retains a structure to streamline processes in each facility. Therefore, exact measurements are taken and plans are drawn up, to position equipment for correct placement and for ease of use on the work floor. Space is taken into consideration to move around Euro Bins, which catch finely sliced chicken from a conveyor or collect thickly sliced lamb loins from the Treif Puma EB.

Upscaling is about procedures and precision

We mention before, the Reich ovens can take up an in-line position with doors at the front and back. This allows you to hygienically move trolleys laden with raw food into the oven at the front door. Cooked products are then removed from the oven by the back door, maintaining this kitchen’s hygiene integrity. For this particular client; the UK oven is located in line, rather than side by side.

Rex 220 vacuum filler makes light of automatic sausage filling. Our client likes to provide his customers with a range of chorizo and salamis plus different types of sausages. He can vacuum fill all these smallgoods varieties in casings with the Rex RVF 220.  Our customer uses different size casings to upscale the variety of traditional smallgoods. He places product on smoke sticks and rolls the trolley into the Reich oven for thermal treatment. Our customer sets the oven temperatures for specific lengths of time, for a stepped fermentation process, which he follows with a smoking process to achieve traditional salamis and sausages.

Tailored solutions to upscale your process

CBS Foodtech also install a Treif Puma EB as the customer needs to automate the process of cutting lamb loin chops and other meats to thickness and weight.  The Treif Puma EB certainly upscales slicing performance and precision. It has the capability of cutting at speeds of up to 400 cuts per minute. The Puma EB creates cutlets, steaks, schnitzel, pork belly and bacon amongst many other programs accessed via the touch.

Our customer loved his new Argon slicer particularly as it took the hard work out of delicately slicing cooked chicken. It too has a very rapid slice and dice cut with between 50 and 300 blade revolutions per minute. This allows the customer to upscale the cutting process and deliver high yields of cut food product.

If you’d like to consider how to upscale your food process view any of our machinery available on our website. You might like to pick up the phone to talk to us or just fill in the contact form to let us know what you’d like to learn about.

Installing several key food equipment components at your facility, enables you to automate and increase your food yields quickly.

CBS Foodtech provide expertise upon understanding your current and future food expectations.

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