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VAN HEES – Meat Refinement


Van Hees
Van Hees has been developing innovative solutions for sixty years. Van Hees solutions safeguard the success of their customers, who range from butchers and family meat-producing companies to major players in the meat industry. Brand quality processing additives and seasonings, together with great recipes, make for the most appetising and flavourful meat and sausage products.

Van Hees has been certified according to the IFS (International Food Standard) since 2005. Expertise, longevity in the business and certification have provided Van Hees the competitive advantage. Customers benefit from this to safely manufacture their own products. Van Hees has an ever growing global customer base, who enjoy not only an excellent benefit to cost ratio, but the renowned quality of products taste.  These all contribute to success all round.

Specialised processing additives for meat refinement

Van Hees – Zartin
Van Hees Zartin processing additives and seasonings provide the best conditions for appetising and flavourful meat and sausage products. Zartin is synonymous with meat
refinement. It is a high tech multi-functional that represents consistently tender and succulent meat, regardless of livestock type. Zartin prevents fluid escaping from pre-treated meat pieces. Specialties meats gain consistent sensory characteristics that modern consumers expect. Zartin is phosphate free and improves the juiciness and tenderness of meat, but also slows down the growth of undesirable bacteria.

  • Intensifies the characteristic taste of meatvan hees seasonings
  • Even flavour volume
  • Increases product quality
  • Simple use
  • Low dosage

Van Hees – Bombal
This high-quality PH- value controlling additive preserves freshness in your product. Bombal prevents growth of microorganisms in the meat product and, if used early, keeps microorganism concentrations at their initial levels.

Bombal is available in a variety of versions for custom solutions and keeps your finished product fresh and safe to consume.

Van Hees – Schinko
Schinko creates highly effective brine additives with a specialised formulation for top-quality cured cooked product manufacturing. Prerequisites for quality cured cooked products are; attractive appearance, stable slice integrity, succulent consistency, together with and importantly, long shelf life. Van Hees – Schinko ensures that these criteria are all met.

Van Hees Seasonings and Additives:van hees zartin polter primal

– Aromix Uno 1kg
– Bombal 1kg
– Bombal 10kg
– Bombal ASC 1kg
– Brat-Zartin 10kg
– P 2000 / Cutter Gold 1kg
– Polter Gold 1.5kg
– Schinko 150 ham cure no MSG Halal 20kg
– Schinko 1 50 1.5kg
– Zartin 1kg
– Zartin 20 20 kg

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