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Vakona – ESK 550

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  • Fully intelligent Vacuum – Cooling tumbler suitable for tumbling, mixing, marinating and salting
  • Integrated Cooling system , with cooling jacket – temperature controllable via control panel
  • All stainless steel , with integrated Vacuum system for Unloading into 200ltr Dump bins
  • Suitable for tumbling approximately 350kg product
  • Mixing approx. 280 kg of product (product dependent)
  • Automatic aeration & interval mixing
  • State of the art Multifunction Touch screen control panel with 30 storable programs
  • Mixing arm & Kneading arm included with wall scraper
  • Variable speed mixing
  • Tilt able drum via automated Hydraulic cylinder push button control
  • Automatic lid operation – via electric drive

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The Vakona 550 ESK mixer has applications in large kitchens and food production companies. VAKONA 550 ESK is an Energy Saving Cooling Tumbler equipped with a turbo mixer. Additionally the 550 ESK has an automatic bowl fill via the program fill control.

If you have clumping products based on cold-swelling starches, such as creamed potatoes or white and dark basic sauces, Vakona 550 ESK turbo mixer guarantees a clot-free and standardized product. The variable adjustable mixing speed together with the mixing arm generate a powerful mix to overcome sticking or clumping.

Standard equipment

  • Bowl, machine cabinet and frame made from stainless steel
  • Touch screen control unit for automatic and manual operation
  • Memory for up to 99 recipes with free adjustable parameters: total, working + pause time, rotation speed, temperature, vacuum level, aeration intervals, bowl angle position and automatic bowl sway mode.
  • Rotation speed of the tumbling arm variable adjustable from 3-18 rpm
  • Direct cooling system with powerful cooling aggregate and heat exchanger in double jacket bowl, made from stainless steel
  • Vacuum system including high performance vacuum pump with automatic and programable aeration cycles
  • Aseptic filter for sterilization of aeration air, hygienic automatic water separator
  • Electrical, infinitely variable tilting of the bowl for emptying of the machine
  • Electrical lid operation

Precise mixing of very sensitive products and dishes, such as fine foods, poultry, fish, salads, mueslis, dairy products is possible by simply operating the machine in slow mix mode.

To increase tenderness of your meats significantly, marinate your meat products overnight. The built-in cooling and vacuum system ensure an even and chilled long marination program.

Due to our high vertical range of manufacture we are able to comply all customer wishes and provide every customer a tailor made machine with the required equipment and size.

Vakona – ESK 550 in Action

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Vakona Specialized in the development and the production of food processing machines.

The focus is on tumbling machines, vacuum- mixing- and tumbling machines, mixing- and blending machine and pickling technology, as well as various special machines for the food industry.

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