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V-CUT 240

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  • Multiple product types
  • Quick and easy changeovers
  • Uniform portion shape and weight
  • Maximum yield
  • Highest levels of operator safety
  • Rotary mould with high speed function

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he V-Cut 240 volumetric portioning machine excels in cutting meat, whether boneless or bone-in, into fixed-weight portions, cubes, and strips of uniform shape.

Multiple Product Types:

By inserting different shapes of infeed molds, it accommodates a wide variety of meat cuts for portioning. This versatility allows for the creation of steaks, minute steaks, schnitzels, beef roulades, pork chops, meat cubes, and strips. The transition between different products is swift and straightforward, requiring minimal setup time and no tools.

Perfect Presentation:

The V-Cut 240 produces single, fanned, and shingled portions in fixed-weight batches, ready for either manual or automatic tray packing. It can also automatically separate the first and last cuts if needed.

Uniform Shape and Weight:

For consistently uniform portions, the meat is placed into a mold and formed before being precisely cut into fixed-weight, fixed-shape portions. A superior spiral knife guarantees the quality and consistency of each slice, while modern servo drive technology ensures efficient and precise portioning.

Flexible Portioning Programs:

The software of the V-Cut 240 enables the creation of portions optimized for weight, slice thickness, or yield, catering to different processing requirements.

Easy and Safe Operation:

With its intuitive touchscreen interface, the machine is designed for easy use. Operator access is controlled via individual user keys, ensuring that only authorized and trained personnel can operate the machine at the required levels.

Continuous Meat Infeed:

The rotating chamber system of the V-Cut 240 allows for the continuous infeed of raw material, minimizing downtime and enhancing operator safety by maintaining uninterrupted portioning.

Technical Details:

  • Machine Dimensions:
    • Width: 997 mm
    • Length: 1879 mm
    • Height: 3125-3475 mm
    • Footprint: 1.89 m²
    • Weight: 1350-1500 kg

V-CUT 240 in Action

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