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V-CUT 180

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  • Simple to operate
  • Scalable solution for customised configuration
  • Wide operational window
  • Medium throughput
  • Boneless & bone-in products

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The V-Cut 180 is a scalable, multifunctional volumetric portion cutter designed to evolve alongside your business. It's well-suited for medium-sized butcheries and industrial processors with small production lines. With user-friendly operation, it stands out for its exceptional versatility, optimizing yield, and delivering excellent quality in uniform fixed-weight or fixed-thickness portions.

Customized Cutting Configuration:

Starting with the base model, the V-Cut 180 allows for custom configuration through the addition of individually tailored modules. These can include options for cutting bone-in pork chops or creating uniform cubes and strips, catering to specific processing needs.

Outstanding End Product Variety:

The V-Cut 180 excels in cutting a wide array of products into equal portions, capable of producing:

  • Slices for schnitzels
  • Prime steaks
  • Minute steaks
  • Very thin slices
  • Cubes/dice
  • Butterfly portions
  • Bone-in pork chops

Portions can be prepared as single pieces or in pre-formatted shingled or stacked batches, making them ready for automatic tray loading and reducing manual processing steps.

Optional Modules:

  • Various mold sets for different types of meat and end products
  • Mold set for bone-in products
  • Mold set for cubes and strips

Technical Details:

  • Machine Dimensions:
    • Width: 2322 mm
    • Length: 938 mm
    • Height: 3075 mm
    • Footprint: 1.98 m²
    • Weight: 1200 kg

V-CUT 180 in Action

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