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V-CUT 160

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  • Marel’s smallest fixed-weight portion cutter
  • Ideal for butcheries and medium-sizedprocessors
  • Runs fresh, boneless meat
  • Symmetric and user-friendly, ergonomicdesign

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The V-Cut 160 is crafted for cutting non-frozen, boneless meat into fixed-weight portions of uniform shape, making it perfect for small to medium-sized businesses looking to enhance their operations. It offers an opportunity to optimise production processes and expand the product portfolio efficiently and with minimal effort. This is particularly beneficial in situations where labor is costly or difficult to find, as the V-Cut 160 can deliver valuable services.

Exceptional Accuracy and Uniformity:

Meat muscle, in its original shape, is placed into the V-Cut 160 and formed in a portioning template of a predefined shape and volume. Volumetric portioning ensures the maximum utilisation of raw material while delivering portions that are accurate in weight, equal in thickness, and uniformly shaped to meet target weights.

Multiple Cutting Options:

The V-Cut 160 offers a broad range of cutting options to meet various processing needs—from portions and butterflies to cubes and strips. Its user-friendly design simplifies the process of changing cuts by allowing easy swapping of the portioning plate or template set. The machine can process a large variety of meat cuts, including pork loin, silverside, topside, knuckle, neck, beef silverside, striploin, and turkey breast.

Optimal Product Presentation:

Capable of singulating portions, the V-Cut 160 enhances efficiency in product handling when additional value-added processing is necessary. It also enables the creation of shingled portions suitable for direct tray packing.

Technical Details:

  • Machine Dimensions:
    • Width: 971 mm
    • Length: 965 mm
    • Height: 2793-2992 mm
    • Footprint: 1.98 m²
    • Weight: 425 kg

V-CUT 160 in Action

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