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Treif – Twister SP+


The Treif  – Twister SP+ delivers a cutting output of up to 3.5 tons per hour, offering far more than simple dicing with a high throughput and impressive yield. Power meets precision with this extremely versatile Twister SP+ unit.

What you get is a machine with different feeding options, from manual, to semi-automatic and even fully automatic.

The Treif – Twister SP+ is the only dicer with premium dicing function. Due to the specific measurement the product is fed in precisely and the Twister SP+ cuts accurately leaving no trim. The result is perfect premium cubes for the most exacting of demands.

Customers buy with their eyes and Treif – Twister SP+ meets this criteria

Treif designs the Twister SP+ to dice fresh, cooked and tempered products. It can cut even with a product temperature under 0° C/32° F, depending on the product condition. We recommend the optional and patended sensor-based cutting technology when combined with vartronic technology. This is because it optimises for yield, fewer smaller parts and precise cutting results, even with sensitive or delicate cooked food products. The dicer works as effectively with primals as it does for traditional sizes of food products, such as cooked sausage.

Meat processors and butchers can take advantage of the Twister SP+’s cube cutting perfection. Every product is individually measured ensuring smaller parts are kept to a minimum. This makes Twister SP+ ideal for producing goulash strips, cubes or meat skewers.

Treif- Twister SP+’s Flex Rotation technology makes it possible to adjust the blade speed specifically to the product and application (100 to
max. 400 rpm). It simply couldn’t be more flexible. Treif add a great deal of technology into all their machines. One of their best known benefits is the precision patented grid set, which cuts gently.  This ensures the best possible cutting geometry for excellent cutting results, without tempering the products, particularly with delicate products such as cooked meat or boiled sausage.

Read the Twister SP+ brochure here

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  • Large cutting chamber 120 x 120 x 550mm
  • Twin side press system
  • Guilotine slide cutting system
  • Out-feed conveyor belt for loading directly into dump bins
  • Processes up to 3.5 tonne per hour (product dependant)
  • Standard manual loading of chamber
  •  Optional loading – for semi automatic processing = 200ltr bin loader with hopper
  •  Optional loading – for fully automatic processing = infeed conveyor belt with hopper


1 x Grid set complete

1 x Single Blade

Dimensions: 1806 (l) x 2048 (d) x 2412 (h)mm

Power: 3 Phase 400V

kW: 6.0

Amps: 20

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