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Treif – Twister Basic


Flexibility and strong performance thanks to choice between continuous and intermittent cutting
• Optimum product compression as a result of the automatic pre-compression system (AVS)
• Use the pre-fill chamber in order to save time
• Reliable protection against the hydraulic oil of the feed
cylinder entering the cutting chamber; patented hygiene
cylinder (optional) makes product contamination with
hydraulic oil (only foodstuff hydraulic oil is employed at
TREIF) technically impossible
• Particularly cost-effective solution for perfect cutting
quality in the mid-range performance class

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Treif Twister Basic - Advanced Dicing and Strip Cutting Machine

Experience precision and efficiency with the Treif Twister Basic, an exceptional dicing and strip cutting machine tailored for meats and cheeses. Positioned as a cost-effective solution within the middle performance class, the Treif Twister Basic combines advanced technology and ergonomic design to meet the needs of modern food processing operations.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High Capacity Cutting: The Twister Basic is not just powerful but efficient, boasting a cutting capacity of up to 2,000 kg/h (4,409 lbs/h). Its expansive cutting chamber dimensions of 550 x 120 x 120 mm (L x W x H) allow for a high fill volume, ensuring you get more done in less time.

  • Flexible Cutting Options: Whether you need continuous or intermittent cutting, the Twister Basic adapts to your workflow, delivering flexibility without compromising on performance. The long cutting chamber further enhances its output rate, making it ideal for operations that demand consistency.

  • Superior Cutting Quality: Achieve unparalleled cutting precision with the machine’s Automatic Vertical Start (AVS) and Dynamic Hold System (DHS), designed to ensure the best cutting quality for all types of meat and cheese.

  • Economic and Ergonomic Design: Economically efficient, the Twister Basic provides top-tier cutting quality at a competitive price point. It features an ergonomic, one-hand operating system for easy handling of the product loading chamber, reducing strain and enhancing usability.

  • Ease of Maintenance: Maintaining the Twister Basic is straightforward, thanks to its ergonomic design which simplifies cleaning. All machine parts are easily accessible, and gridset changes can be performed swiftly without tools using the innovative "Click&Go" system. An optional hygiene cylinder helps keep the cutting chamber clean, ensuring consistent sanitation.

Optimal Performance in Food Processing

The Treif Twister Basic is engineered for businesses seeking a robust, yet cost-effective meat and cheese cutting solution. It is perfect for mid-sized operations that require reliable, high-quality equipment capable of delivering both precision and volume.

Enhance your food processing capabilities with the Treif Twister Basic – where technology meets efficiency in the heart of your kitchen.

Treif – Twister Basic in Action

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