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Treif – Twistas

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  • Output in t/h (theoretical maximum value) 4.0
  • Max. cut-off length:  50mm
  • Max. cut-off blade speed 400
  • Chamber dimensions WxHxL  120mm x 120mm x 620mm;
  • Housing dimensions LxWxH in mm
  • Feed belt variant: 3250mm x 3732mm x 2305mm
  • Lift-tilt variant: 3377mm x 3007mm x 2989mm
  • Connected load (kW) 7.5
  • Weight kg approx:  1250mm            

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Treif – Twistas consistently delivers optimum dicing. The Twistas dices blocks of meat and bulk goods as well as fresh meat. Treif – Twistas open design allows for a variety of different applications and facilitates product changes. Use your options by connecting a lift-tilt unit, feed belt unit or even link to upstream and downstream lines. The Twistas has a 7″ touch display screen with intuitive operation and the addition of a USB port offers optimum ease for uploading or downloading cutting programs.

Quality, yield, and hygiene

The Treif – Twistas open and hygienic design of the dicer, in combination with the chamber size mitigate waiting times preventing complicated cleaning procedures. Treif – TWISTAS easily reduces your processing times for all types of meat cutting. It allows you to dice product for goulash, doner kebab strips, bacon and pork. These are only a few of the product cutting capabilities standard to the TWISTAS. Cutting options are numerous and can all be prestored in the program to operate the cutting equipment.

The DHS (dynamic hydraulic system) extends the shelf life of your products through lower heat generation in the machine. The hygiene hydraulic cylinder makes it impossible for oil to enter into the cutting chamber and contaminate products.

Treif – Twistas in Action

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Treifs Food Processing and Dicing machines are some of the worlds best, as the largest manufacturer of quality dicing and slicing machinery.

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