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When performance and precision align, PUMA certainly makes the cut – even at speeds of up to 400 cuts per minute (with the double blade).
This is true for cutlets, steaks, schnitzel, pork belly, bacon or German meatloaf, or whether it‘s fresh, chilled or frozen down to -4 °C. Since the blade is connected directly to the drive motor, nearly 100 % of the power from the motor can be harnessed during slicing.

In the Puma range

Puma F

  • Manual function dial

Puma FB

  • Manual Function dial with Outfeed Belt

Puma E

  • Electronic Touch Screen

Puma EB

  • Electronic Touch Screen with Outfeed Belt

Get the Treif Puma Lion Portion Cutters Overview Brochure here


Powerful cutting machine for boneless and bone-in products CAD-designed blades for clean cutting With a capacity of approx. 400 cuts per minute and its broad 220mm loading chamber, the Puma-CE is extremely versatile in its cutting applications.
Boneless and bone-in products can be sliced and portioned cleanly and precisely by CAD-designed smooth or serrated-edge blades. The powerful cutting action comes from the direct transmission of power from the drive motor to the blade. Selecting double blade operation can increase the machines output even more.

Dynamic feeding system (DVS) for clean cutting
With the dynamic feeding system, products are pushed forward evenly and gently towards the blade. To do so, the in-feed forces are adsorbed, reducing product movement to a minimum. The DVS guarantees products are cut cleanly in even slice thickness.

The adjustable reverse travel device returns the gripper to the starting position, in which the product was fixed into place. This reduces the number of blank strokes in the chamber and so increases productivity.

Get the Treif Puma Lion Portion Cutters Overview brochure here

• High-performance and precision even with bone-in products

• Increased advantage as a result of the precision sickle blade and intelligent product feed holder

• Optimum exploitation of the product as a result of residual piece optimisation and of the back-feed limitation (E/EB)

• Optimum utilisation of the product, for example by sectioning the product into slicing areas (E/EB)

• Fulfilment of the highest hygiene requirements as a result of labyrinth guidance

• HS (High-Speed)-model for more capacity (optional)

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