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Treif – Lion EB Bacon


Treif-  Lion EB Bacon is your specialist portion cutting machine for bacon and more.

Whether frozen, raw, cooked or smoked, with rind or without — this machine sets the bar when it comes to slicing bacon. Treif specifically design the Lion EB Bacon for bacon cutting. It is able to cut from two stacks of products, just load 2 stacks into the spacious chamber and enjoy slicing precision from both chambers simultaneously.

The horizontal chamber allows visually attractive placement of the sliced bacon product. The Treif – Lion EB Bacon machine also processes frozen products, some even at very low temperatures (depending on product and application). The Treif – Lion EB Bacon is designed so that the products can also be stacked on top of each other and sliced. The blade operates at a speed of up to 300 revolutions per minute. Slices can be placed continuously in an endlessly shingled pattern. The gripper hook makes it possible to hold products that are up to 270mm. Precise cutting results and evenly thick slices; the Dynamic Feeding System (DVS) is standard. It allows synchronised slicing despite a continuous product feed. Without DVS wedge slices can be the result.

The slices can be either shingled continuously or arranged in shingled groups of ie: 10 slices.

The Lion EB Bacon comes with an electronic control which for example helps to keep the residual piece as small as possible.

Benefits of the Treif – Lion EB Portion Cutter:

  • Visually attractive fanning of the bacon (smoked, salted pork belly).
  • Continuously shingling and grouping
  • Product holder is available single – or double-row, is optimally suited for bacon / pork belly applications (thin and wide).
  • Back-feed path limitation (as a standard feature) for optimised processing even of short products
  • Easy cleaning of the machine
  • Available with conveyor belt

Treif – Lion Bacon is available in the FB and EB models. The Treif -Lion EB bacon model comes with an electronic control, which for example helps to keep the residual
piece as small as possible. The Lion FB means it has a manual Function Dial instead of a touch screen or pad.

In the Treif – Lion Range:

Lion F

  • Manual function dial

Lion FB

  • Manual function dial and Outfeed Belt

Lion E

  • Electronic Touch Screen

Lion EB

  • Electronic Touch Screen with Outfeed Belt

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