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Treif – Felix

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  • Visually attractive fanning of the bacon (smoked, salted pork belly).
  • Continuously shingling and grouping
  • Product holder is available single – or double-row, is optimally suited for bacon / pork belly applications (thin and wide).
  • Back-feed path limitation (as a standard feature) for optimised processing even of short products
  • Easy cleaning of the machine
  • Available with conveyor belt

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Treif Felix – meat dicing machine is a compact dicing and strip cutting machine. This opens up a broad spectrum of slicing and grating possibilities. Dicing of meat, sausage, bacon, and ham is just as easy as vegetables, cheese, fruit or fish. Felix doesn’t need products to be pre-cut, as Felix has a spacious cutting chamber (96 x 96 x 300mm, H x D x L) to accommodate bulky products.

Depending on the optional gridset you select, the greater the range of cutting, slicing and dicing options you get. This in turn improves yields and broadens your offering.

Treif Felix Features as a glance

Treif – Felix unique dual-stroke, standard two-part gridset system ensures precise dicing and strip cutting. To cut delicate products, we recommend to set the Felix to double the normal cutting length and with a lower cutting pressure for ideal slice integrity from the gridset. The technology of Treif’s DHS (Dynamic Hydraulic System), generates less heat, hence less chance for bacteria to form. This allows cut products stay fresher longer. Felix’ drive synchronises automatically after the machine is turned on. The separating slide operates in a curving motion and this enables one-hand user friendly,  operation.

The short distance between the blade and grid-set; the so-called “scissors’ cutting principle”, is an essential prerequisite to achieve excellent cutting results. This action prevents “goulash chains“ left on the product during slicing.  Grate various products such as cheese, radishes, carrots or coleslaw coarsely or finely. Finely slice meats for speciality meat salads and pizza toppings, you can even cut cucumber slices with Treif Felix.

Treif Felix Optional Gridsets

  • Staggered Gridset
  • Slice Disc
  • Double Knife
  • Wire Grid
  • Shred Disc


  • Semi-Automatic machine for dicing and strip cutting
  • Meats, vegetables, salads and cheese
  • Cutting chamber cross section 96 x 96 mm
  • Chamber length 300 mm
  • All Stainless steel construction, including Main cutting set
  • Quick change cutting grate set (Tilt and Go system)
  • Product pre compression system
  • Easy loading chamber
  • Integrated cutting board on top of machine, for use as work bench
  • With optional attachments this machine can slice and grate cooked product before product pulsing or subsequent processing
  • Mode of operation selectable for cutting or grating
  • Computer controlled dynamic Hydraulic system
  • Max. Cutting output of 800 kg per hour theoretical. ( 32 x 32 x 32 mm cube)
  • Machine made in Germany

Treif – Felix in Action

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TREIF Dicing Machines

Treifs Food Processing and Dicing machines are some of the worlds best, as the largest manufacturer of quality dicing and slicing machinery.

With a large range of different cutting and slicing technologies, you can have confidence that Treif can cater to your needs.

CBS Foodtech is proud to be the only agent of Treif in Australia.