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Treif – Falcon Hybrid


Thanks to the new Falcon hybrid, you can now benefit from the technical advances on offer from TREIF even if you are working with boneless meat. Making sure that you get as much as you can when cutting products, we will get one more slice for you from every piece, be it boneless or bonein, whether you are cutting to an exact weight or to a set thickness.
A unique 4D camera system joins forces with top-speed computer technology. Want to bet that your product has never before been measured this precisely? As you will see, the FALCON hybrid knows exactly where to make the cut and can even use the gripper piece, for example – a piece which maximises your return.


The most precise continuous in-feed-system worldwide
As USP the FALCON HYBRID offers a continuously running in-feed-belt supported by an automatic product gripper. Especially at the end of the cutting process the gripper stabilizes the product and guarantees a precise cut until the very last slice. Due to this precise holding of the product even bone in meat cuts can be cut on the unit with the addition of the bone in meat cutting kit ( comprising retractable claw gripper , bone guide and LC Lan serrated blade).

Innovative 4D camera technology and product holder ensures highly accurate weight optimisation.
The 4 cameras are installed ahead of the blade where they measure the product from all sides – providing the basis for weight-optimised precision cutting. Using this innovative camera technology, FALCON HYBRID permits only extremely minimal deviations from the required weight. Due to the speed of the camera, thousands of measuring points are taken from each product allowing the software to calculate to precise position each cut should be made to attain the required weight values.
The software optimises the yield depending on the customer’s individual requirements, where even the rest piece can be eliminated and grippers ends are utilized as a whole slice.

The laser-controlled down holder
The unique laser-controlled down holder supports the perfect slicing and weight precision to a large extend. The down holder reacts on each change of the product’s shape and optimizes the cutting process during the whole production run.

Easy to load and to operate by Touch Screen
The easily turn able touch screen makes the machine easy to handle and conversion to other products is effected by pushing a button. The horizontal loading chamber also makes loading the machine a very convenient, easy task. With the FALCON HYBRID products with maximum lengths of 1000 mm can be processed without any difficulties.

Easy to clean – practical opening mechanism and optimum scanner protection
The machine’s water resistant stainless steel surfaces are only one of many outstanding hygiene benefits of the FALCON HYBRID.The opening mechanism makes cleaning the machine practical and easy. To get the machine into its cleaning position, only a few simple moves are required. All machine parts that come into direct contact with the products are easily accessible and can be cleaned with running water. The scanners and cameras are well protected and so cannot be damaged in the process.

• Continuous loading – top weight results (a 4D camera system fully captures and measures the product)

• Yield-optimised slicing thanks to 4D camera system in conjunction with innovative software programs

• Ideal for cutting according to slice thickness without weight specification

• Portioning of one product in various weights with the touch of a button / calculation of the optimum slice thickness in order to achieve the target weight

• Fresh meat kit (optional)

• Dynamic portion separation for depositing of single portions (optional) • Fewer personnel are needed thanks to grouping unit for packaging bone-in and boneless products (optional)

• Highly flexible cutting system featuring a range of optional modules such as pre-scale / dynamic portion separation / grouping unit/check weigher / sorting station with pusher(s) to eject slices that are overweight or underweight (optional)/ flip-flop belt

• Express sorter: uses checkweighers to sort slices automatically into three lanes (slices that are the correct weight, slices that are overweight, slices that are underweight); manual end-of-line sorting to create packets all of which are within the limits set out in the regulation governing packaged goods

• FALCON hybrid robotic: fully-automatic sorting and infeeding process using robotic technology (up to 100 picks per minute, available on request)

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