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Treif – Divider 660+

Its circular blade makes the DIVIDER orbital suitable for a variety of products and slicing applications without any conversions on the machine. With this flexibility and the compact size the machine is ideal e.g. for starting out in the slicing business.



The DIVIDER orbital is part of the new TREIF slicer generation. This is characterised by reduced non-productive times, energy savings through slicing at higher product temperatures, even more power and dynamics in the drives, maximum process reliability, more capacity and even more flexibility to accommodate customer requests. Simple a PLUS of innovations. TREIF slicers can cut continuously without idle cuts.
That means: less blade rotations are required for the same output. Not only is this more gentle on the product, it also allows slicing at higher – i.e. warmer – product temperatures, saving you time and energy costs.

• Slicing of a wide range of products without any conversions

• More time, less energy costs thanks to slicing at higher product temperatures

• Full benefits of the new TREIF slicer generation (PLUS series): increased drive power and dynamics, a quicker feed rate, reduced non-productive times, maximum process safety, increased capacity and even more flexibility at the customer‘s request

• Perfect product presentation thanks to SAS procedure combined with circular blade technology, even in the case of “difficult“ products, e.g. poultry

• Various expansion modules; belt extension as a connection to the packaging machine with individually adjustable belt tilting (optional); smart-feeder (optional)

• The blade is operated by V-ribbed belts instead of an elaborate gear drive

• SUCCESS innovation award 2013 for the special TREIF slicing technology

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