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Treif – Casan 200

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  • Cutting output of up to 2,5 t/h (depending on the product and application)
  • Max. cut-off length (mm): 1 – 50
  • Automatic loading by conveyor belt (optional)
  • First-class cutting quality and high productivity thanks to block fixing in the hopper
  • Laser supported cutting technology as standard
  • Grid set cross section (mm): 120 x 120 (width x height)
  • Chamber size cross section : 116 x 118mm
  • Max. in-feed length (mm): 550
  • Multiple options for discharging the cut products: plastic boxes, large containers, conveyor belt, etc.
  • Touchscreen with intuitive menu
  • Up to 50 cutting programs with allocation of user rights
  • Cutting statistics (operating data recording)
  • Automatic discharge of product waste
  • Hygiene cylinder as standard
  • Check Weigher, (optional)

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Treif – Casan 200 is for dicing and cutting into strips. This machine performs both functions. Treif – Casan 200 is extremely tough and robust. Casan 200 can be loaded to work automatically with cheese blocks placed lying on top of one another. The opening of the cutting chamber has a generous 240mm width. The Casan 200 gives you flexibility of creating mixed cheeses cubes by adding two cheese types at the same time to be diced.

Thanks to the open design of the Treif – Casan 200 everything is easily accessible, even the hydraulic feed cylinder. Treif’s patented technology of the hydraulic feed cylinder prevents oil entering into the cutting chamber. Hygienic cleaning is ensured because it makes product contamination from hydraulic oil impossible.

Intelligent hydraulics with smart sensors ensure one cube is just like another. These sensors control the frequency of the blade to achieve exactly the set product length. The formation of cheese scraps is therefore reduced to a minimum. The sensors are unbeatable in combination with the automatic feed pressure control system, which ensure the optimum hydraulic pressure during advancing of the cheese. This, in turn, brings with it energy savings.

Quick and precise – the Casan 200 guarantees exact cuts even at high cutting speeds of large block cheeses for cheese block assortment or grating several cheeses together.

Treif – Casan 200 features

Whether cheese, sausage, fresh or cooked meat, the products can be cut in cubes or strips. There is also a high performance rasping mode. The CASAN 200 can rasp cheese or cut it into sticks fast for pizza production and the convenience sector. The Casan 200 with its high performance grading made has the power to improve your yields.

The dual dicer is loaded manually. Cuts of up to 34 mm are possible.

Designed down to the last detail for the requirements of cheese cutting

The dicer and strip cutting machine CASAN 200 has been designed down to the last detail with the requirements of cheese cutting in mind. The cheese can be cut into cubes or grated into strips. The cheese specialist CASAN 200 achieves a cutting output of up to 2.5 tonnes per hour (depending on the product and application). The machine is loaded in a cost effective and time-saving way using the conveyor belt with hopper. The operator can do other jobs once the products are in position. The machine is designed for cutting cheese blocks into European block size (500 mm long x 300 mm wide x 100 mm high). Cuts with a thickness of up to 50 mm are possible.

Cutting Technique – First-class quality thanks to laser supported cutting technology

The formation of scraps or undersize cubes is prevented by the continuously laser supported cutting technology. The precision counter-cutting edge guarantees first-class cutting quality. The grid set blades are especially designed for cutting cheese so no cheese can be pressed out, for example , the 4-point grid set mount ensures the highest possible stability and therefore also production reliability.

Economic Efficiency – Easy use thanks to a methodical design

Block fixing in the hopper prevents jamming of the block during loading when the automatic cut-off blade opens the chamber. This guarantees process reliability and continuously optimum chamber filling. And not least, this sets the basic prerequisites for first-class cutting quality. The residual material channels ensure the best conditions with regard to productivity. Off cuts are fed back to the cutting chamber by the residual material channels. The residual material is then reformed and cut.


Treif – Casan 200 in Action

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