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Talsa – REA505 Water Cooker


Aditec MKA-120 Advantages at a glance:

  • German Digital, programmable control unit Aditec MKA-120 allows precise programming of cooking time & temperature.
  • Optional manual probe to measure core temperature of large pieces and perform temperature delta cooking.
  • Programable delayed program start at any desired time & day.
  • Control unit mounted on separate switchboard with 7 m cable.
  • Buzzer to alert at the end of cycle.

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The Talsa – REA505 Water Cooker has a 505 Litre tank to cook and or blanch different food products. It is programmable via a German programmable unit Aditec MKA-120 which controls precise cooking time and temperature, providing energy efficiency and savings. The bath has rounded corners for easy cleaning, but also contributes to heat circulation which allows uniform cooking. Talsa – REA505 Water Cooker can also be used for heating and melting product.

This larger Water Cooker has an Echtermann lid opening mechanism which provides effortless closing. Talsa – REA505 Water Cooker also features 2 internal safety thermostats to ensure accurate temperature at all times and a buzzer feature to alert at the end of cooking cycles. The time required to heat the chamber is ±80 minutes if the thermal transfer fluid is cold ±20°C to ±90ºC: (less if filled with pre-heated water) and subsequent loads take approximately half the time when all liquids and metal are already hot.

The Talsa – REA505 Water Cooker is designed for industrial applications and in line installation for larger cooking needs.

REA505 Advantages at a glance:

  • Capacity – 505 litres
  • Dimensions – 172 x 107 x 111cm
  • An intermediate stainless-steel thermal oil chamber, internal expansion chamber, high-performance thermal fluid and internal drainage tap.
  • The thermal oil chamber allows uniform heat distribution for better cooking and practically eliminates the possibility of burning foods as well as maintaining the initial heat for the following cooking, saving energy.
  • Time required to heat chamber filled with cold water from ±20°C to ±90ºC: ±80 minutes if the thermal transfer fluid is cold (less if filled with pre-heated water); Next loads approx. half time when all liquids and metal are already hot.
  • Sides and cover are isolated with fireproof fiberglass and aluminum sheathing

Talsa – REA505 Water Cooker in Action

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