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Schröder – IMAX 400SL

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  • The all-rounder series for use with a wide range of products.
  • The Schröder injector can be instantly recognised by its hygienic design and the proven, robust drive concept.
  • Available with two manifold variants (needle number and position), always equipped with retraction block (for bone-in products) and optional tenderising block.
  • The variable filter concept can be flexibly adapted to any brine conditions.

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Schröder – IMAX 400SL delivers classical brine injection to meat products using hollow needles. The brine or emulsion to be injected is transported through a pump and pipe system directly into the product.

Schröder – IMAX 400SL can inject into boneless and bone-in meat, chicken and fish.


The modern 7“ colour touch panel is embedded into the machine base at a 15° angle. This position not only facilitates operation, it also provides reliable protection against damage. The intuitive user interface of the controller provides guidance through the program and guarantees safe and practical use. For an optimal injection result, the most important functions can be accessed quickly and directly on the touch surface and can be adjusted individually. These include setting the pump performance, the speed and the selection of the type of injection (1-way / 2-way injection) or the activation of the flushing operation.

A highlight of the controller is the integrated recipe management, which allows all injection parameters to be stored in up to 25 recipes. They can then be quickly and easily opened using the recipe menu. To check proper machine operation, the warnings, alarms and machine states of the recent days can be viewed in the operating history.

Pump and Brine Supply

The stainless steel rotary pumps for the SMART line are an integral feature of Schröder – IMAX 400SL. They hang within the unit for hygiene reasons, which enables residue-free brine emptying of the machine. To adjust the injection rate, the pump performance can be set precisely using the frequency converter. To set the exact brine quantity in the product, the external brine supply connected to the pump is freely accessible and can be removed completely with just a few simple steps. Cleaning and inspection of the brine supply are thus completed in just minutes.

Technical Details

Canal width: 420mm
Injection area/h: up to max. 120m² (60mm advance)
Capacity (at 35kg/m²): up to 4,200kg (product dependant)
Cycles per minute: 15-60
Advance: 40 or 80mm
Max. product height: 170mm
Number of needles: 100 or 170
Steaker (optional): 170 single knives
Brine pressure: 0.5 – 4.5 bar
Machine length approx.: 2160mm/2720mm with chute
Machine width: approx. 1320mm (approx. 2040mm with PUREMAX200)
Machine height: approx. 2230mm
Charging height: 1200mm
Compressed air: min. 6 bar
Electrical connection: 3 x 200 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz or 3 x 380 – 460 V, 50/60 Hz

Schröder – IMAX 400SL in Action

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