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Schröder – IMAX 300SL

The process engineering principal of the IMAX Technology is based on the classical brine injection using hollow needles. The brine or emulsion to be injected is transported through a pump and pipe system directly in to the product. Besides boneless also bone-in meat/chicken/fish can be injected.

The all-rounder series for use with a wide range of products. The Schröder injector can be instantly recognised by its hygienic design and the proven, robust drive concept. Available with two manifold variants (needle number and position), always equipped with retraction block (for bone-in products) and optional tenderising block. The variable filter concept can be flexibly adapted to any brine conditions.

Canal width:                           350mm
Injection area/h:                      up to max. 75m² (60mm advance)
Capacity (at 35kg/m²):          up to 2,625kg (product dependant)
Cycles per minute:                 15-60
Advance:                                 20, 40 or 60mm
Max. product height:              165mm
Number of needles:                1×50, 1×66 or 1×102
Steaker (optional):                  104 single knives
Brine pressure:                       0.5 – 5 bar
Machine length approx.:        1850mm
Machine width:                       approx. 950mm (approx. 2000mm with open doors)
Machine height:                      approx. 1950 mm (approx. 2200mm with open doors)
Charging height:                     1040mm
Compressed air:                    min. 6 bar
Electrical connection:             3 x 200 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz or

3 x 380 – 460 V, 50/60 Hz

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