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Rex – Revolver Hanging System (AKS 65M)

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  • High Capacity: Up to 2,500 portions per minute with artificial and collagen casings, and up to 1,000 portions per minute with natural casings.
  • Versatile Calibration: Supports a calibre range of 13-50 mm and portion lengths from 25 mm.
  • Quick Casing Change: Turret technology with 3 linking tubes enables casing changes in less than 2 seconds.
  • Precise Portioning: Displacement system and servo drive ensure consistent portion lengths and maximum output.
  • Flexible Use: Adjustable calibration belts for different casing diameters, minimizing set-up times.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly connects with the RHS 330 hanging system for efficient transfer to hooks.
  • Optional Features: Includes raising working height, sensor for bowel end detection, casing spooler, and online remote access.

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REX AKS 65M Fully Automatic Sausage Filling and Hanging Line

Overview: The REX AKS 65M is a state-of-the-art fully automatic sausage filling and hanging system, engineered to deliver high performance and precision in sausage production. This advanced machine combines innovative technology with robust design, making it an ideal choice for both small and large-scale sausage manufacturers.

Key Features:

  • High Capacity: Capable of producing up to 2,500 portions per minute with artificial and collagen casings, and up to 1,000 portions per minute with natural casings, depending on product length, weight, and diameter.
  • Versatile Calibration: Supports a wide calibre range from 13 to 50 mm and portion lengths starting from 25 mm. Calibration tube lengths of 430 mm or 530 mm provide additional flexibility.
  • Quick Casing Change: Equipped with turret technology featuring three linking tubes, the AKS 65M enables casing changes in less than 2 seconds, significantly reducing downtime.
  • Precise Portioning: The displacement system and highly dynamic REX servo drive ensure exact portion lengths and consistent product quality. This system guarantees optimal weight precision and minimizes waste.
  • Adjustable Calibration Belts: Two calibration belts are easily adjustable to accommodate various casing diameters, ensuring flexible use for different casing types. This feature reduces setup times and enhances operational efficiency.
  • Seamless Integration with RHS 330: The AKS 65M transfers the twisted sausage chain directly onto the hooks of the RHS 330 hanging system, ensuring smooth and efficient hanging. The system supports curved and straight sausage chains.
  • Optional Enhancements: The AKS 65M can be customized with additional features such as raising the working height by 150 mm, a sensor for detecting the end of the casing, a casing spooler, and online remote access via LAN.

Technical Specifications:

  • Performance: Up to 2,500 portions/minute (artificial and collagen casings), up to 1,000 portions/minute (natural casings)
  • Calibre Range: 13 to 50 mm
  • Portion Lengths: From 25 mm
  • Calibration Tube Length: 430 mm or 530 mm
  • Hanging System Length: 330 cm
  • Power Requirements: 400 V / 50 Hz, 1.5 kW
  • Compressed Air Requirements: Minimum 6 bar, 80 l/min

Benefits: The REX AKS 65M enhances sausage production efficiency and precision, making it a valuable asset for any sausage manufacturing operation. Its high capacity, quick casing changes, and precise portioning ensure consistent product quality and maximum output. The system's flexibility and ease of use, combined with optional enhancements, allow for customized solutions to meet specific production needs.

Rex – Revolver Hanging System (AKS 65M) in Action

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