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Reich – UK Universal Smoking Cooking Oven


The Reich – UK Universal Smoking Cooking Oven or AIRMASTER® UK is a genuine all-rounder. It is distinguished by a very attractive price and performance ratio. The Reich – UK Universal Smoking Cooking Oven is a single trolley system and can be supplied in 5 sizes and with 4 different smoke generator systems. The UK can work as a warming to drying, hot and cold smoking, cooking, hot air cooking and baking or maturing and cooling unit. It features a unique vertical airflow system and was developed primarily for hanging products.


Reich – UK Universal Smoking Cooking Oven features at a glance:

Short energy efficient processes
Highest uniformity in product treatment
Best product quality
High loading capacity


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Reich-Product-01A small trade operation demands a high level of versatility from a smoking system. Along with the typical applications such as drying, smoking, cooking and hot coking / baking, the UK system is frequently used for raw sausage production and climate-controlled smoking. The AIRMASTER® UK can be equipped with the necessary functions for all desired applications. The system operates on the proven vertical air circulation principle. A newly developed blowing system ensures that te products are evenly treated in all positions of the chamber trolley. The high circulating air output guarantees the shortest possible process times.

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Air Circulation – Air transfer is 6000³/hr per chamber. Vertical air flow system is best suited for hanging products.

Pneumatic Valves: This enables the unit to run fully automatically with complete control at all times.

Heating System (in Electric units): The heating system is made by incorporated heating elements which are installed in the top part of the chamber. (28 KW per chamber)
Steam Generation (in electric units): Steam is generated by water spray over heating elements and is controlled through electromagnetic vales via the main control panel.

Control Board: with all operating elements installed at the lateral side of the door beside the unit. The switches, computer and control lamps are easy accessible for the operator.

Reich-UniControl3000Unicontrol 3000 TS –Touch screen computer is available for selecting time, temperature, humidity and core temperature in separate steps for reddening, drying, smoking, cooking, showering, cooling etc.  The pre-programmed programs are called up by pressing the program number assigned to each program. The programmed data is shown on one side of the computer and the actual data on the other side so a clear view of the running program can be followed at all times. When starting or while running a program the data given can be changed or stopped at any time, the pre-programmed data does not change. 99 programs can be stored for easy call up of each program.

The latest touch screen model allows clear and easy programming of new programs and adjustments to existing ones. This control gives clearer understanding of the operating process.

Core Temperature: is incorporated inside the unit. Here is a core probe feeler which will be put into the meat to be measured.

A system with controllable relative humidity is installed so the air inside the chamber can be moistened in every working cycle.

Comfort cleaning system: The computer includes a special program for the automatic cleaning of the unit including the Smoke Generator, head space and all pipe work.

Reich-SmokeGen-G505HSmoke Generation – Maxx Smoker G 505 H

Scope: Hot, warm and cold smoking

Smoking material: Chip shavings (granule size 4 – 12 mm)

Functioning: The MaxxSmoker G 505 H is a fully automatic smoke generator for smouldering Beechwood chip shavings. The smoke generator works continuously and reliably with a shavings feeding unit with a geared motor, the targeted addition of the carbonized air by means of a special high-pressure blower (side-channel compressor).

A very aromatic smoke results while smouldering due to the design characteristics of the smoke generator, which draws the fresh smoke through still unburned smoking material. All aroma-forming smoke components can thus develop. Due to a special ignition process, the required smoke is available very shortly after starting the smoke generator (approx. one minute). Thus no pre-ignition is necessary before beginning the smoking step. Three different smoke densities for various smoking applications can be entered at the control.

The MaxxSmoker G 505 H works on the exhaust air reduced system with throttled fresh-air supply. This means that the smoking process only emits as much exhaust air to the chimney as fresh air is required for the smouldering. This permits economical smoking with minimal environmental burden.

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