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Reich BKQ – Baking Cooking Oven


The Reich BKQ – Baking Cooking Oven known as an AIRMASTER® BKQ AIRJET, is a high-performance unit for cooking, steaming, baking, boiling and roasting at process temperatures up to 300°C. The Reich BKQ – Baking and Cooking Oven works with the unique REICH horizontal alternating cross-flow circulating air principle. This guarantees maximum performance and short processing times with optimum finished product quality and uniformity. The Reich BKQ has been designed specifically for products that are placed in closed trays, catering dishes, sheets, grates or on grills. Thanks to the high air circulation and heating capacity, the Reich BKQ can deliver production capacities far above the normal levels and with extremely high power reserves.

With the large variety of baking cooking steaming boiling and roasting operations, the Reich BKQ offers industrial scale thermal food treatment with either a single or dual trolley system. Airmaster BKQ airjet products are evenly cooked when they are lying on racks or trays, as seen with a baked meatloaf, where uniform colour, crust and consistent core temperature are the result.

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Reich-BKQ-Product-01The AIRMASTER® BKQ AIRJET has been designed specifically for products that are placed in catering dishes or on grills. Hanging products can of course also be treated in an optimum way. Production capacities far above the normal levels can be achieved with its extremely high power reserves. The large variety of available processes makes this system the ideal replacement for traditional combi-steamers for the industrial standard. BKQ units are available as one or two-trolley units.

Depending on the product, up to 35 levels are possible per trolley. Different trolley designs are also available for catering dishes. With many products, double the capacity can be achieved per trolley compared to standard systems. Combined with a reduced processing time as a result of the enormous airflow, considerably larger capacity increases can also be achieved.

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Reich-BKQ-Product-04Production capacities far above the normal levels can be achieved with its extremely high power reserves.




  • Process temperatures up to + 300°C
  • Horizontal air flow, optimal for lying products and products in standard catering dishes
  • Up to 120% more capacity compared to standard systems
  • Up to 35 levels per trolley
  • Alternating blowing and sucking of air
  • Consistent air flow across the entire wall surface
  • Excellent consistency in all trolley areas
  • Gentle treatment of the products
  • Maximum air performance for short processes and maximum yield
  • Irrespective of specific level positions of the trolleys
  • Integrated drop separator in the circulating air flow
  • Made in Germany
  • PLUS all other benefits of the REICH AIRMASTER® UK seriesReich-BKQ-Product-05
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