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Raps Seasonings

Raps are a German seasoning company highly specialized in extraction of pure seasonings and spices. Their ingredients allow you to create the finest flavour food products.

RAPS creates flavour recipe collections for many diverse international dishes, which include these constituents: seasoning blends, extracts & extract seasonings, supercritical spice extracts & seasonings, decor seasonings (with encapsulated salt), marinades & spiced oils, flavour enhancers, additives, compounds and single spices.

RAPS recipes are available for: sausage products, pâté, cooked hams, preserved products, roasts, stir fry/ragout, minced meat, poultry, microwave dishes, ready meals, fish specialties, convenience food, self-service products, catering, gratin, stews and soups.

If you’re looking for something different with an authentic taste, then Raps would be your preferred selection.

Spices and Seasonings for Simmer Sausage:

raps seasonings cabanossi

– Alpini 1kg
– Bockwurst 1kg
– Cabanossi 1kg
– Cooked Pepperoni 1kg
– Debreziner 1kg
– Meat Loaf 1kg
– Primator 1kg
– Senator Gold 1kg
– Vienna Gold 1kg
– Vienna Red 1kg

raps seasonings debreziner

Spices and Seasonings for Fresh Sausage:

– Bavarian Weisswurst 1kg
– Boerewurst 1kg
– Cevapcici 1kg
– Chorizo 1kg
– Fresh Bratwurst 1kg
– Merquez Bratwurst 1kg
– Minced Meat Mix 1kg
– Nurnberger Bratwurst 1kg
– Thuringian Bratwurst 1kg

raps seasonings senator gold

Spices and Seasonings for Cooked Sausage:

– Bloodwurst 1kg
– Cristal Fix 1kg
– Cristal Spice 1kg
– Clivia Gold 1kg
– Princess 1kg

raps seasonings salami speck sausage

Spices and Seasonings for Fermented Sausage:

– Biostart Sprint 1kg
– Onion Mettwurst-Soft 1kg
– Pfefferjager 1kg
– Puszta Sticks 1kg
– Salami Quick 1kg
– Salami Super 1kg
– Supersoft Pure Systems 1kg


Décor Seasonings:

raps seasonings gyros

– Alkamara 1kg
– Arabian Lamb 1kg
– Gyros 1kg
– Gyros Korfu 1kg
– Royal Herbs 500g
– Varianta 1kg

Special Flavours and Additives:

– Beizin for Marinated Beef Sauerbraten 1kg
– Chicken Seasoning 3kg
– Glutaclean 1kg
– Green Pepper SR 1kg
– Lemon Powder 1kg
– Orange Powder 200g
raps seasonings large salami– Paprika 3000 1.3kg
– Raphos 1kg
– Sausage Fit 1kg
– Stabiloton WS 1kg

Products for Ham Production:
– Pastrami decor 1kg
– Pastrami liquid 5kg
– Chicken & Turkey Roll 50 1kg
– Cooked Ham 25 1kg
– Cooked Ham 50 1kg

Sauces, Marinades & Glazes:raps seasonings garlic marinade

– Gulasch 2.5kg
– Marinox French Garlic 5kg
– Marinox Pepper Cream 5kg
– Pepper Steak Oil 5kg
– Spiced Oil Magic 5kg


– Magic Box 1kg
– Skewers for Magic Box per 1000 1kg

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