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Maja – SAH 85 L


A deep-frozen metal cylinder, rotating in a water reservoir, guarantees constant ice quality.  With each rotation, water freezes on the evaporation drum and then flakes off, leaving the machine as dry-frozen ice. This system of ice production was developed by MAJA and has proven its reliability for more than five decades.  It is efficient, cost-saving and does not require special maintenance.



Equipment & features:

• Frame and housing in stainless steel

• Condensing unit in air-cooled execution

• Easy operation by ON/OFF pushbuttons (with function and error code

• indication, start/stop function of optional self-cleaning system)

• Reliable SPS control unit

• Cleaning-friendly machine design according to the HY-GEN principle

• With mobile ice storage system EV 50 for storage and transport of approximately 50 kg of flake ice (pict. 2 4)

• Integrated heat exchanger for optimum energy efficiency

• Refrigerant stop valve and refrigerant pump-down when the machine stops

The small flake ice machine SAH 85 L is HY-GEN Protected That means for these machines:

• Evaporator can be opened without the use of tools for cleaning purposes and is accessible from all sides.

• Easily removable hygiene evaporator tank in plastic material (insulation and no corrosion!)

• Round-shaped, cleaning-friendly evaporator tank; if necessary it is even replaceable

• Evaporator tank free of built-in parts without angles and edges, for easy and efficient cleaning

• No screws in the ice production area for better hygiene

• Automatic residual water outlet when the machine was out of operation for approximately one hour

• Special hygiene advantages in conformity with the current German drinking water regulations

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