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MAJA – OPS (Operator Protector System)

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  • Highest Safety Level: Provides significant risk minimization and reduces the chance of serious injuries during manual derinding and membrane skinning.
  • Fast Response: Stops the machine considerably faster than an operator’s normal response time, ensuring quick action to prevent injuries.
  • Automatic Safety Checks: Includes a self-test function for the control unit, ensuring the system is always operational and cannot be bypassed by the operator.
  • Redundant Safety Components: Ensures compliance with functional safety standards by incorporating redundant safety features.
  • User-Friendly: Does not hinder the derinding or membrane skinning process, maintaining operational efficiency while providing high safety.
  • Comfortable PPE: Features comfortable, electrically conductive sub-gloves and insulated rubber gloves, along with rubber boots and a thermo jacket with cable channels.
  • Enhanced Process Safety: Provides high-level process safety and easy operation, ensuring both operator comfort and protection.

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MAJA-OPS Operator Protection System

Overview: The MAJA-OPS (Operator Protection System) is designed to significantly enhance the safety of operators working with manual derinding and membrane skinning machines. This advanced safety system minimizes the risk of severe injuries, ensuring a higher level of protection for operators without compromising the efficiency of the derinding and membrane skinning processes.

Key Features:

  • Highest Safety Level: The MAJA-OPS provides the highest possible risk minimization, significantly reducing the chance of serious injuries to the operator's fingers and hands. It offers additional protection beyond the safety regulations EN 12355 for derinding and membrane skinning machines.
  • Fast Response: The system ensures a much faster stopping of the machine compared to an operator's normal response time. This rapid reaction helps prevent injuries, ensuring a safer working environment.
  • Automatic Safety Checks: The MAJA-OPS includes a self-test function for the control unit, ensuring that the system is always operational. This feature guarantees that the safety system cannot be bypassed by the operator, maintaining continuous protection.
  • Redundant Safety Components: The system is designed with redundant safety components, ensuring compliance with functional safety standards. This redundancy enhances the overall reliability and effectiveness of the safety measures.
  • User-Friendly Operation: The MAJA-OPS does not hinder the derinding or membrane skinning process, allowing operators to work efficiently while being protected. The system is designed for easy operation, providing high-level safety without disrupting productivity.
  • Comfortable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): The system includes comfortable, electrically conductive sub-gloves, insulated rubber gloves, rubber boots, and a thermo jacket with cable channels. These PPE components ensure operator comfort while maintaining high safety standards.
  • Enhanced Process Safety: The MAJA-OPS provides a high level of process safety and easy operation, ensuring both operator protection and comfort. The system's design allows for easy handling of products, enhancing overall efficiency.

Technical Specifications:

Component Description
Sub-Gloves Electrically conductive, light, elastic, breathable, skin-friendly material
Insulated Rubber Gloves High degree of humidity impermeability, good product grip
Rubber Boots Electrically insulated for trouble-free function
Thermo Jacket With cable channels for connection to each hand
Safety Check Self-test function for control unit and safety components
Response Time Significantly faster stopping compared to normal operator response time
Compliance Meets safety regulations EN 12355 for derinding and membrane skinning machines

Benefits: The MAJA-OPS Operator Protection System is essential for meat processing facilities seeking to enhance operator safety and minimize the risk of injuries. Its advanced features, including fast response time, automatic safety checks, and redundant safety components, ensure the highest level of protection for operators. The system's user-friendly design and comfortable PPE ensure that safety measures do not interfere with productivity, providing a safe and efficient working environment.

Applications: The MAJA-OPS is compatible with various manual derinding and membrane skinning machines, including:

  • Derinding Machine: ESM 5550
  • Membrane Skinning Machines: EVM 5004, EVM 5006, EVMsplit 5006

MAJA – OPS (Operator Protector System) in Action

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