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Maja – EVM 5006


The Maja – EVM 5006 is for manual (open) membrane skinning of all fresh cuts of pork, beef, veal, lamb and poultry. Maja – EVM 5006 has an extra wide cutting width of 554 mm for comfortable skinning even of large cuts, e.g. beef, boneless pork loins etc.

Operator-friendly machine structure
The machine design is made for ergonomic work allowing highly efficient, accurate and power-saving operation for a perfect skinning result.
No adjustment handles on the machine‘s exterior allow the operator to stand closer to the processing line for shorter working distances.
Maja – EVM 5004 has a membrane chute to collect membranes in the skin box.
Maja – EVM 5006 has a intermediate plate to raise the position of the skin box.
The Maja – EVM 5006 design takes standard EII / EIII skin boxes in the machine at different heights.
Operation by ergonomic foot pedal design (flat material), for operator comfort without marks left at the operator’s foot.

Individual line configuration
As the machine has no lateral adjustment handles, it integrates in different work places without affecting its handling.
Easy to move for flexible use around the processing plant.
Tooth roller cleaning by compressed air
Transport and scraper roller with hygiene radius for easy cleaning avoiding sinews and fat deposit.
For a constantly perfect skinning result, the tooth roller is continuously cleaned from residual membranes by compressed air.
The air nozzles mechanically move by a guide mechanism.
Advantage: Reduced maintenance. The compressed air is only used for tooth roller cleaning and not (like other systems) for moving the nozzle bar.
Easy cleaning, as the nozzle bar can be put into a cleaning position.
Nozzle bar with efficient cleaning nozzles for reduced air consumption and low noise level.
The machine is equipped with a filter system with pre filter and microfilter.

Easy knife changing by quick-locking device
Fast and easy, tool-free. Knife changing within seconds!
Tamper-proof, encoded knife holder guaranteeing consistent skinning result and high yield.

Easy and safe handling of the knife holder
No removal of the knife holder for cleaning and knife changing.
It remains in the machine and is only put into cleaning position.
Advantage: The sensitive knife holder cannot be damaged by accident.
Thus always good skinning quality, reduced maintenance costs and increased safety for the operator and the cleaning staff.
Knife changing by the operator, without maintenance staff.

High standard of safety
In accordance with current EU regulations EN 12355 for derinding and membrane skinning machines; moreover this machine type is safety-tested by the German recognized body BGN (German Accident
Prevention & Insurance Association).

Cleaning-friendly hygienic machine design
All machine parts are made from food safe material.
Subframe without straight surfaces; with V-shaped drip edge.
Machine design without ground plate avoiding dirt accumulation on the machine bottom.
Newly designed work table for optimum accessibility in cleaning position.
MAJA quality for durability and long-life cycle:
Housing made from 2 − 10 mm stainless steel plates, providing solid construction for maintaining machine value.

For nearly 60 years, MAJA has developed, produced and distributed high quality de-rinding and membrane skinning machines for the requirements of butcheries and industrial meat processors.

The MAJA Membrane Skinning Technology allows the gentle removal of the membranes and the profitable refinement of valuable meat cuts.

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Versatile applications
For manual (open) membrane skinning of all fresh cuts of pork, beef, veal, lamb and poultry.

EVM 5006: extraordinary cutting width of 554 mm for comfortable skinning even of large cuts, e.g. beef, boneless pork loins etc.

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• Ideal ergonomic design allows an always good skinning quality

• Suitable solution for all applications, even for very big cuts

• Machine housing without lateral operating lever, thus space-saving structure and flexible installation in any de-boning line

• Well-engineered machine structure for increased throughput and reduced setup times

• Complete machine housing in Hygienic Design

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