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Maja – ESB 4434 SH

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  • Circular knife roller for vertical cutting of meat
  • In-feed and discharge conveyor belt
  • Operation safety thanks to extended hood and safety cover on the discharge belt
  • Special safety handles for easy removal of the circular knife roller without risk of injury at cleaning and blade changes
  • Circular knife rollers available for different slice thickness; distance of circular knives from 8 to 20mm, other distances available on request
  • Optimum hygiene as parts to be cleaned can be easily removed

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The circular blade cutting machine MAJA ESB 4434 SH is suitable for vertical slicing of fresh boneless meat cuts from beef, veal, pork and poultry.

The automatic vertical slicing machine type MAJA ESB 4434 SH is suitable for slicing of fresh boneless meat cuts from beef, veal, pork and poultry with a maximum product thickness of approximately 95 mm de­pending on the type and consistence of product (higher products on demand).

By putting the slices a second time on the infeed conveyor belt, equally sized meat strips can be produced, for “Geschnetzeltes” and for gyros for example.

A special butterfly knife roller is available for producing slices with an additional butterfly cut, for example for XXL schnitzels or filled meat specialities, such as “Cordon-Bleu”.  Compared to other solutions, this easy and cost effective system can achieve consistent product with high output.

Maja – ESB 4434 SH in Action

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Maja Slicing Machines

Maja offers an extensive range of skinning machines for fish fillets and poultry cuts, namely the manual skinning or for fully automated processing by tape machines.

For the partly very different beschaffenen products. Maja offers each matching technology, so sensitive fish fillets and tender chicken pieces are peeled as gently as possible.

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