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Lorenzo Barroso – SK4-90

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  • Robust construction and stainless components specially treated to withstand the adverse conditions such machines usually work in.
  • Electropneumatic operation with PLC
  • Minimum maintenance.

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Lorenzo Barroso SK4-90 is a high-production semiautomatic clipper, connected to the filler, for closing sausages in natural or artificial casings with two aluminium clips. It closes a great variety of sausages and casings, ranging approximately from 45 mm up to 90 mm of diameter or more, depending on the product type. Computer-controlled; it adapts to a wide range of products by just changing different selected sequences.

Technical Details

Net Weight 85kg
Operating Pressure 6 bar
Air Consumption 7.8 litres per cycle
Electric Consumption 140W
Electric Connection 1 phase, 230 V, 50 Hz

Lorenzo Barroso – SK4-90 in Action

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