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Lorenzo Barroso – E3

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  • Robust construction and stainless components specially treated to withstand the adverse conditions such machines usually work in.
  • Fully pneumatic operation.
  • Minimum maintenance.

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The E3 stretch clipper is for compressing the product inside a casing or bag and closing it with an aluminium clip (stuffed loin, ham, Bologna sausage, chicken).

After positioning and gathering the casing or bag, the E3 automatically holds it tight, and stretches it until the selected pressure level is reached.  Then, it closes the sausage with an aluminium clip and trims off the excess material.

Technical Details

Net Weight 34kg
Operating Pressure 6 bar
Air Consumption 8.6 litres per cycle

Lorenzo Barroso – E3 in Action

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Veserkal is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the development of machinery within the agri-food industrial sector.

During this long history, the company has made major commitments to a constantly developing market for quality and innovation.

As a leader, it remains faithful to its origins, with a strong link with its customers.

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