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Lorenzo Barroso Clips

Since 1958, LORENZO BARROSO is one of the biggest manufacturers all over the world of aluminium clips and loops for hanging sausages.

In our factory in Argentona (Barcelona, Spain) we produce a wide range of clips and loops.

Over 500 different types of aluminium clips in several presentations, hardness degrees and formats:clips on stick, continuous clips, clips on reel and clips on different plastic spools.

We offer virtually all aluminium clips and loops available on the international market for closing and hanging any type of casings, sausages, bags, nettings, sacks and other types of packages.

We use high quality aluminium and materials, offering a finishing and a presentation which meet the requirements of all companies in the Food and Packaging Industry, from small and traditional ones to the big multinational companies.

As for all other products manufactured by LORENZO BARROSO, clips and loops are submitted to strict quality controls.

We distribute our products in more than 80 countries covering the five continents and competing with success in the most demanding markets.

Our aim is to keep increasing our presence in all markets by offering high quality products at very competitive prices.

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