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I-CUT 130

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  • Easy integration
  • Automatic belt speed adjustment to avoidbottlenecks and optimize throughput
  • The robust design makes cleaning easy, ensuringoptimal hygiene
  • Minimize trim with innovative software
  • Laser vision system with 200 Hz cameratechnology ensures extreme accuracy 
  • Superior programming flexibility and a variety ofspecialized cutting patterns,

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The I-Cut 130 Portion cutter is the ideal machine forhigh-value portioning of meat. Whether cutting productfor the supermarket, for restaurants or for fast food, theI-Cut 130 is a flexible tool suitable for all needs andthroughputs.

Cutting programs

The I-Cut 130 Portion cutter cuts fresh deboned meatinto fixed weight and thickness. It offers a large numberof innovative cutting patterns. These are displayed real-time, allowing users to change or adapt cuttingprograms during production. I-Cut 130 will alsocalculate the optimum cut in a given situation. Cuttingand batching is made easy; high value cuts can beprioritized and orders controlled.

The machine’s laser and mirror vision system as well asthe processing software provides superior programmingflexibility and a variety of specialized cutting patterns,while guaranteeing accuracy and optimum usage of rawmaterials, with minimal giveaway. Intuitive, user-friendly and multilingual operation via 15” easy-to-operate touch.

Innovative processing software

  • The new generation processing software providessuperior programming flexibility and a variety ofspecialized cutting patterns, while guaranteeingaccuracy and optimum usage of raw materials.
  • Easy integration in the factory's process flow
  • The I-Cut 130 can be easily integrated with other Marelequipment for optimized cutting and batching. Thisensures meat processors can operate more efficiently,increasing output and enhancing factory-widesustainability.


Benefits of Innova for I-Cut Portion Cutters

  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • Data collection gives insight to optimizeportioning process
  • Cutting programs easily shared betweenmultiples devices
  • Enhances traceability and quality assurance

Monitor and control portioning

The Innova module for portioning lets you monitorand control your processing in real time. Thesoftware provides live dashboards showing data forkey performance indicators such as throughput, yieldand weight distribution. They give you a clearoverview of actual production and highlight whereimprovements can be made or whether anycorrective action needs to be taken to ensureproduction is running optimally. Remote programmanagement allows you to easily control the portioncutter settings directly from the office. Cuttingprograms can be stored and shared among two ormore portion cutters.

Technical Details

Machine Dimensions
Width 1315mm
Length 3270mm
Height 1665-1730mm
Cutting Speed 1000 cuts/min


I-CUT 130 in Action

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