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Henneken – HPI 350 PRO Injector

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  • 50 x 4 mm side port needles
  • Passage width 350 mm
  • Touch screen control with saveable programs
  • Cleaning program
  • 1-way injection, for low injection rates
  • Brine temperature sensor
  • Extra high stroke height of 240mm
  • Pneumatic pressure monitoring

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Henneken HPI 350 PRO Injector, is the smallest in the industrial injectors with Siemens touch screen control. Find this over the servo drives on both the pump and needle beam. The touch screen gives you precise control over injection rates into meat products. The Seimens touch screen is set up to store programs, to quickly recall for application of brines or liquid for moisture to different product recipes.

The Henneken HPI350 PRO version has some extra features when comparing to the HPI 350 Eco injector.

Henneken HPI 350 PRO Injector unique features

  1. Touch screen control
  2. Increased product throughput height from 180 up to 240 mm
  3. ½ way injection – for low injection applications ( moisture infusing )
  4. Brine temperature sensor and display
  5. Pneumatic pressure monitoring

This unit has a standard needle head of 50 x 4 mm needles. This makes for a tight needle pattern allowing for medium to high injection rates.

The brine manifold is one most important feature of these models. It offers best results when injecting bone in products. When a needle come in contact with bones, the needles retracts like on conventional injectors. The brine manifold also stops brine flow into those needles, preventing brine from injecting onto the bone and hence reducing jelly pockets. This allows an effective higher injection into products like Christmas leg hams. Jelly pockets can be greatly reduced and are often the limiting factor to injection yields.

Henneken HPI 350 PRO Injector has a heavy duty walking beam transport system, with a width of 350mm. This is completely made of stainless steel and can handle all applications.

Henneken – HPI 350 PRO Injector in Action

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Henneken Range of Injectors

The Henneken range of injectors have been designed with robust long life in mind and high-performance injection using a needle manifold system across all models.

The machines are German made and comply with all CE standards.