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Henneken – HPI 300 Injector


The Henneken HPI 300 Injector is the entry model of the HPI series. The Henneken HPI 300 Injector is an all-rounder which is suitable for bone-in and boneless products. The foldable hood and removable stainless-steel racks allow for fast access. The Henneken HPI 300 Injector enables excellent accessibility for fast and pinpoint cleaning. With all Henneken HPI injector models the brine pressure ensures a stepless adjustment  from 0.5 to 4 bar. The self-priming stainless-steel pump and forced injection, controlled by the stripper plate leads to very high injection precision at low and high injection levels.

Henneken HPI 300 Injector features

A very important feature of the HPI 300 Injector is the flexible adjustment of the stripper plate. It can optionally stop above the product or make contact with the product. All needles are easily removable without any tools for easy cleaning. We offer different types of needles in 4mm (standard), 3mm, 2.5mm or 1.9mm in order to meet the requirements of the different products.

The brine manifold of the Henneken- HPI Injector range is one, if not, the most important feature of these models. It offers best results when injecting bone in products. When a needle come in contact with bones the needles retracts like on conventional injectors – BUT also stops brine flow to those needles, meaning brine isn’t injected onto the bone and thus reduces jelly pockets.

The brine manifold allows for an effective higher injection into products like Christmas leg hams. This greatly reduces jelly pockets from forming and is often a limiting factor to injection yields.

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• 24 x 4 mm side port needles
• Passage width 300 mm
• Heavy duty walking beam for product transport
• Force injection controlled by stripper plate
• Automatic brine Stop on bone contact
• Self-priming stainless-steel pump
• Bone in and boneless product injection
• Half and full advance of product
• Needle manifold for quick need change/cleaning
• Membrane keyboard

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