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CBS Foodtech Pre-mixed Blends
CBS Foodtech pre-mixed blends are seasoning blends that are ideal for the production of gourmet meat products. The pre-mixed blends can be used for a varying range of products such as traditional bratwurst sausage, gourmet sausages, hamburger patties and stuffing mixes. They contain no flour, no gluten, no preservatives. They include binder, colour stabilizer, salt and spices. Standard packet size is for a 20 kg finished batch and also can be bought in bulk packs of 5 kg bags.

Premium Seasoning Pre-Mixed for Simmer Sausage:

– CBS Chipolata 580g
– CBS Chipolata Mix 5kg
– CBS Weisswurst 580g
– CBS Weisswurst 5kg
– CBS Beef Frankurt Combi 590g
– CBS Beef Frankfurt Combi 5kg
– CBS Berliner Combi 570g
– CBS Berliner Combi 5kg
– CBS Cabanossi Kabana Combi 590g
– CBS Cabanossi Kabana Combi 5kg
– CBS Chicken Franks Combi 730g
– CBS Chicken Franks Combi 5kg
– CBS Combi Continental Frankfurt Combi 530g
– CBS Continental Frankfurt Combi 5kg
– CBS Cooked Chorizo 870g
– CBS Cooked Chorizo 5kg
– CBS Cooked Pepperoni Combi 870g
– CBS Cooked Pepperoni Combi 5kg
– CBS Debreziner Combi 610g
– CBS Debriziner Combi 5kg
– CBS German Meatloaf 570g
– CBS German Meatloaf 5kg
– CBS Kransky Combi 610g
– CBS Kransky Combi 5kg
– CBS Polony Combi 550g
– CBS Polony Cmbi 5kg
– CBS Semi-Dry Cooked Chorizo 910g
– CBS Semi-Dry Cooked Chorizo 5kg
– CBS Strassburger Combi 530g
– CBS Strassburger Combi 5kg

Premium Seasoning Pre-Mixed for Fresh Sausage:

– CBS Beef Red Wine Cracked Pepper 682g
– CBS Beef Red Wine Cracked Pepper 5kg
– CBS Boerewors 561g
– CBS Boerewors 5kg
– CBS Cevapcici 660g
– CBS Cevapcici 5kg
– CBS Chicken Bratwurst 581g
– CBS Chicken Bratwurst 5kg
– CBS Fresh Chorizo 960g
– CBS Fresh Chorizo 5kg
– CBS German Bratwurst 561g
– CBS German Bratwurst 5kg
– CBS German Bratwurst Herbs 606g
– CBS German Bratwurst Herbs 5kg
– CBS Italian Bratwurst 621g
– CBS Italian Bratwurst 5kg
– CBS Lamb Bratwurst 631g
– CBS Lamb Bratwurst 5kg
– CBS Merguez French Bratwurst 680g
– CBS Merguez French Bratwurst 5kg
– CBS Pork Garlic 580g
– CBS Pork Garlic 5kg
– CBS Thürlinger Bratwurst 601g
– CBS Thürlinger Bratwurst 5kg
– CBS Toulouse Bratwurst 620g
– CBS Toulouse Bratwurst 5kg

Gourmet Range Bratwurst Pre-Mixed for Fresh Sausage:

– CBS BBQ Beef Bratwurst 605g
– CBS BBQ Beef Bratwurst 5kg
– CBS Beef Bratwurst 602g
– CBS Beef Bratwurst 5kg
– CBS Duck Lemon Bratwurst 631g
– CBS Duck Lemon Bratwurst 5kg
– CBS Duck Orange Bratwurst 631g
– CBS Duck Orange Bratwurst 5kg
– CBS Game Bratwurst 590g
– CBS Game Bratwurst 5kg
– CBS Gourmet Beef Meal + Preserv 1kg
– CBS Gourmet Lamb Meal + Preserv 1kg
– CBS Gourmet Pork Meal + Preserv 1kg
– CBS Herb Garlic Bratwurst 626g
– CBS Herb Garlic Bratwurst 5kg
– CBS Herb Rosemary 560g
– CBS Herb Rosemary 5kg
– CBS Lamb Rosemary Bratwurst 1000g
– CBS Lamb Rosemary Bratwurst 5kg
– CBS Lemon Provincial Herbs 620g
– CBS Lemon Provincial Herbs 5kg
– CBS Orange Thyme 620g
– CBS Orange Thyme 5kg
– CBS Organic Bratwurst 551g
– CBS Organic Bratwurst 5kg
– CBS Pork Bratwurst Caramelized Onion 1kg
– CBS Pork Bratwurst Caramelized Onion 5kg
– CBS Sweet Chili Bell Pepper 851g
– CBS Sweet Chili Bell Peppers 5kg
– CBS Tomato Basil 782g
– CBS Tomato Basil 5kg


Tenderising Marinades:

– CBS Tenderising Marinade Moroccan 1kg
– CBS Tenderising Marinade Moroccan 5kg
– CBS Tenderising Marinade Provincial Herb 1kg
– CBS Tenderising Marinade Provincial Herb 5kg
– CBS Tenderising Marinade Rustic Grill 1kg
– CBS Tenderising Marinade Rustic Grill 5kg
– CBS Tenderising Marinade Texan BBQ 1kg
– CBS Tenderising Marinade Texan BBQ 5kg

Traditional European Brines:

– CBS Poultry Injection Brine 5.35kg
– Chicken Turkey Roll 50 4kg
– Cooked Ham 50 4kg
– Cooked Ham 25 1kg
– Schiadit Ham Cure (no MSG) 1kg
– Schinko 1 50 Ham Cure 1.5kg



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ABOUT CBS Foodtech

CBS Foodtech Pty Ltd is an Australian owned multifaceted company that is today a significant contributor to the food processing industry. A family owned and operated business established in its Sydney premises for 30 years.