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Boss – MAX 42


The Boss – Max 42 table-top machine series MAX comes in a space-saving and compact design.  The controlled reduction of the oxygen content guarantees safe storage and transport conditions.

The stainless steel vacuum chamber is deep-drawn. The lid is made of high-quality acrylic and permits permanent process monitoring.

Chamber benefits

• Avoidance of dirt-sensitive welding seams
• Rounded edges ensure the greatest hygiene
• Leaking fluid collects in the chamber recess

Shelves benefits

• Optimum shelf height
• Minimisation of the chamber volume
• Shortening of the evacuation time
• Grip hole for simple handling
• Consisting of robust, food-safe PE materials
• Rounded edges for safe handling
• Dishwasher-safe

Acrylic Lid benefits

• Non-slip surface
• Flat and curved versions available
• Easy-clean silicone holder
• Silicone lip seal for smooth lid closure

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Internal dimensions: 450 x 460 x 210mm
Sealing bar: 420mm
Vacuum pump: 16m³/h or 21m³/h
Weight: 69kg or 72kg
Connection: 1 phase, 230 V, 50 Hz


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Z 2000 digital control
Our Z 2000 digital control enables the following parameters to be set: vacuum, gas and sealing time. The oxygen content can be reduced in a controlled manner. The memory function enables simple operation and guarantees reproducibility for your packaging result.

The focus of the construction is on making our machines as easy to clean as possible. The machines are made from stainless steel. The vacuum chambers are deep-drawn and the sealing systems are wireless.

Sealing system
Our high-pressure sealing systems are suitable for all conventional vacuum bags. The increased contact pressureand double sealing ensure identical results even with stronger bag types. In order to prevent unnecessary contamination with germs, the excess bag length can be removed if desired. The sealing systems can be activated individually.

Maintenance programme
In order to reduce your maintenance costs and help prevent downtimes due to maintenance work, a particular focus has been placed on maintenance-friendly design. Individual components are easily accessible and clearly visible. A service programme guarantees a long service life for your vacuum pump.

Moisture protection
The construction, processing and control of our machines are geared towards the strict hygienic requirements ofthe food industry.

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