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AWM 160-240 Automatic Crossfeed Grinder

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  • The AWM160-240 industrial mincer from Kolbe Foodtec is engineered for high efficiency and performance in large-scale food processing.
  • It offers a robust output capacity of up to 4000 kg/h with a 160 mm perforated plate.
  • The machine features stepless variable speed regulation, a spacious 360-liter hopper, and a powerful 30 kW main drive motor.
  • It includes a hydraulic worm ejection system, a separate mixing device with an autoreverse function, and multiple safety and hygiene features.
  • Optional extras include the Kolbe dynamic separating system KDS160 and various loading and control enhancements

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AWM160-240 Automatic Crossfeed Grinder

The AWM160-240 from Kolbe Foodtec is a high-performance automatic crossfeed grinder designed to meet the rigorous demands of large-scale meat processing facilities. This machine combines advanced features and robust construction to ensure efficient and reliable operation.

Key Features:

  • High Output Capacity: Capable of processing up to 4000 kg/h with a 160 mm perforated plate, making it ideal for large batch processing.
  • Variable Speed Regulation: Stepless speed control for the working worm allows precise adjustments to optimize grinding performance.
  • Large Hopper Volume: The spacious 360-liter hopper enables continuous operation with minimal interruptions for reloading.
  • Powerful Motor: Equipped with a 30 kW main drive motor and a 1.5 kW feeding drive motor, ensuring robust and consistent performance.
  • Hydraulic Worm Ejection: Facilitates easy maintenance and cleaning by allowing quick removal of the working worm.
  • Separate Mixing Device: Features an autoreverse function to enhance the versatility and efficiency of the mixing process.
  • Hygiene and Safety: Built with stainless steel components and designed for easy cleaning, the machine meets high hygiene standards. Safety features include a feeding hopper with a safety frame and an outlet protection cover.

Optional Features:

  • Increased Motor Capacity: Additional motor power options to suit specific processing needs.
  • Kolbe Dynamic Separating System (KDS160): Enhances product separation for better quality and yield.
  • Loading and Control Enhancements: Options include hoist feed loader FD200 and trolley for tools and equipment.

Applications: The AWM160-240 is suitable for large butcher shops, supermarkets, and industrial food processing plants. It can handle meat pieces at temperatures as low as -14°C, making it versatile for different types of products.

Technical Specifications:

  • Cutting System: Unger G160 with a perforated plate diameter of 160 mm.
  • Motor Power: Main drive 30 kW, feeding drive 1.5 kW, and optional mixing drive 1.5 kW.
  • Hopper Volume: 360 liters
  • Output Capacity: Up to 4000 kg/h with a 3 mm perforated plate.

Investing in the AWM160-240 enhances production efficiency and product quality, providing a reliable and high-performance solution for your industrial mincing needs.

AWM 160-240 Automatic Crossfeed Grinder in Action

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