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Astech – SRA1 / SRA1-F Automatic Band Saw

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  • QUALITY CUTS – Constant cutting speed ensures high quality cuts.
  • HIGH PRODUCTION – A single operator can operate 2 machines simultaneously.
  • OPERATIONAL VERSATILITY – The integrated programme offers a wide range of options for cutting configurations. Furthermore, by changing the grippers different products can be cut.

Australia Owned

We Operate in all Australian States

Awards Winning

Established in Sydney premises for 30 years.

24/7 Support

Speak to us today, we are available at 02 9979 6722

High Quality Products

A significant contributor to the food processing industry


Automatic saw for cutting frozen and tempered bone-in or boneless products.

The SRA1 is a compact and robust machine that offers a high production yield, cutting precision and above all the highest level of safety during use.

Astech – SRA1 / SRA1-F Automatic Band Saw in Action

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High quality german equipment

Astech Food Portion Cutters Machine

Astech Food Machinery is a company specializing in high quality semi-automatic portioning machinery.

With the SRA portioning system it is possible to cut bone-in or boneless frozen and tempered product, including fish.