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Astech – SRA Compact Automatic Band Saw


The Astech – SRA Compact Automatic Band Saw is for cutting frozen and tempered bone-in or boneless products.  The SRA Compact Band Saw is a robust machine that offers a high production yield, cutting precision in a compact form with a smaller footprint of just 1295 x 2110mm. It is easily adjustable to set up various thicknesses in different segments of your product. It features a flexible program which can be  set up to different variables and able to store up to 50 cutting recipes.

  • OPERATOR SAFETY – 100% enclosed machine for operator protection
  • QUALITY CUTS – Constant cutting speed ensures high quality cuts
  • HIGH PRODUCTION – A single operator can operate 2 machines simultaneously
  • OPERATIONAL VERSATILITY – The integrated program offers a wide range of options for cutting configurations. Furthermore, by changing the grippers different products can be cut.

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Operational features

  • All the features of an automatic band saw machine with reduced dimensions and a compact size.
  • For frozen meat and fish and for fresh* bone-in products
  • Hygienic design for an easy cleaning process
  • Completely safe operation (fully closed machine)
  • Perfectly adjustable cutting speed which ensures high quality cuts
  • Cutting process with band saw
  • Flexible program able to set up different variables and able to store up to 50 cutting recipes

Get the overview PDF here

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