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Astech – SRA Compact Automatic Band Saw

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Operational Features

  • All the features of an automatic band saw machine with reduced dimensions and a compact size.
  • For frozen meat and fish and for fresh* bone-in products
  • Hygienic design for an easy cleaning process
  • Completely safe operation (fully closed machine)
  • Perfectly adjustable cutting speed which ensures high quality cuts
  • Cutting process with band saw
  • Flexible program able to set up different variables and able to store up to 50 cutting recipes

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Astech introduces a new bandsaw tailored for the automatic cutting of fresh and frozen, bone-in or boneless products. Its compact dimensions do not limit its functionality, offering all the advantages of an automatic band saw machine. Its completely enclosed design enhances safety, making it a secure choice for workplaces.

Operational Features:

  • Compact and Automatic: Despite its small size, it provides full functionality of an automatic band saw machine, suitable for operations with limited space.

  • Versatile Use: Designed for cutting both frozen meat and fish as well as fresh bone-in products (subject to a preliminary study), it offers flexibility for various processing needs.

  • Hygienic Design: Easy to clean, promoting a hygienic work environment and streamlining maintenance processes.

  • Adjustable Cutting Speed: Enables high-quality cuts, adaptable to different types of produce and cutting requirements.

  • Complete Safety: The fully enclosed design ensures safe operation, minimizing accident risks.

  • Flexible Programming: Capable of storing up to 50 cutting recipes, allowing for easy setup of different cutting variables tailored to specific processing needs.

Operational Components:

  1. Product Loading Area: Initial placement area for produce to be cut.
  2. Product Loading Trolley: Assists in transporting produce to the cutting area.
  3. Grippers: Securely holds the produce during cutting.
  4. Band Saw: Primary tool for precise and efficient cutting.
  5. Control Panel - Touch Screen: Offers an intuitive interface for adjusting settings and selecting cutting recipes.
  6. Product Outfeed: Exit area for cut produce.
  7. Saw Dust Collection: Keeps the area clean by collecting saw dust produced during cutting.

Technical Features:

  • SRA Compact Dimensions (L x W x H): 2110 x 1300 x 2025 mm, making it ideal for various workspace sizes.
  • Machine Width with Open Doors: 2250 mm for easy access during maintenance and cleaning.
  • Max. Product Dimensions: 750 x 450 x 250 mm, accommodating a broad range of produce sizes.
  • Band Saw Blade: 2680 x 16 mm, ensuring durability and precision.
  • Compressed Air: Requires a pressure of 6 bar (10.0 l/full cycle) for optimal operation.
  • Machine Power: 4.2 W, providing sufficient power for sustained cutting processes.
  • Voltage: 400V III 50 Hz, suitable for standard industrial power supplies.

Astech's new bandsaw marks a significant advancement in the processing of meat and fish, combining efficiency, safety, and versatility in a compact, easily cleanable design.

Astech – SRA Compact Automatic Band Saw in Action

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Astech Food Portion Cutters Machine

High-Quality Food Portion Cutters Manufacturer

Astech Food Machinery is a company specializing in high quality semi-automatic portioning machinery. With the SRA portioning system it is possible to cut bone-in or boneless frozen and tempered product, including fish. Operational versatility is achieved with integrated programs offering a large range of options for every cutting configuration. With a design focus on safety and robust construction, Astech machinery offers many years of reliable service.

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