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Astech – PW-Saw (Precision Weight) Automatic Band Saw

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  • For frozen meat and fish and for fresh bone-in products
  • Continuous operation: no need to stop in order to load the product
  • Hygienic design for an easy cleaning process
  • Perfectly adjustable cutting speed which ensures high-quality cuts
  • Completely safe operation (fully closed machine)
  • Cutting process with a band saw
  • Versatile programming
  • Possibility of cutting at the fixed thickness
  • User-friendly interface

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The PW-Saw features a comprehensive and efficient design, tailored for precise and safe meat processing. This machine offers an integrated approach from product input to output, ensuring high-quality cuts with minimal waste. Here's an overview based on the mentioned features and technical specifications:

  1. Product Inlet Belt: Facilitates the smooth entry of products into the machine for processing.
  2. Control Touch Screen: Offers user-friendly interface for easy control and adjustments of cutting parameters.
  3. Product Gripping Area: Ensures that the product is securely held in place during the cutting process for accuracy and safety.
  4. Product Scanning: Utilizes advanced technology to assess and determine the optimal cutting path, enhancing precision and yield.
  5. Product Cutting Area: The core section where precise cutting is performed to achieve desired portion sizes and shapes.
  6. Bandsaw: Utilizes a durable and sharp band saw blade for efficient and clean cutting through meat products.
  7. Saw Dust Collection: Maintains cleanliness and hygiene within the work area by collecting saw dust generated during the cutting process.
  8. Final Product Outlet: Where the processed product exits the machine, ready for further processing or packaging.

Technical Features of the PW-Saw:

  • Machine Dimensions (L x W x H): 4200 x 1300 x 2050 mm, ensuring ample capacity for handling large product sizes within a compact footprint.
  • Machine Width with Open Doors (W): 3500 mm, providing easy access for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Max. Measurements of Product (L x W x H): 700 x 250 x 250 mm, accommodating a wide range of product sizes for versatile cutting needs.
  • Band Saw Blade: 2680 x 16 mm, indicating the size of the blade used for cutting, which is critical for precision and efficiency.
  • Compressed Air Pressure: Required pressure of 6 bar with a consumption of 10l per complete cycle, essential for certain operations within the machine.
  • Power: 4.0 W, indicating the machine's energy requirement for operation.
  • Tension: 400V III 50 Hz, specifies the electrical requirements for the machine, ensuring compatibility with industrial power supplies.

This system is designed for high performance and reliability, making it an excellent investment for businesses aiming to optimize their meat processing operations with improved yield, precision, and safety.


Astech – PW-Saw (Precision Weight) Automatic Band Saw in Action

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Astech Food Machinery is a company specializing in high quality semi-automatic portioning machinery. With the SRA portioning system it is possible to cut bone-in or boneless frozen and tempered product, including fish. Operational versatility is achieved with integrated programs offering a large range of options for every cutting configuration. With a design focus on safety and robust construction, Astech machinery offers many years of reliable service.

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