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Arnold Robruko & All Hygro

The inventor of Robruko & All Hygro has worked for more than 70 years on extending the shelf-life of meats and sausages with spices.

“Fresh until consumption” is the company’s motto for its broad range of food additives.

Because shelf-life is the company’s core competence, Willy Arnold offers a broad, application-specific product range. Products are available for any desired “best-by” time period. In ­addition to the classic products in the Robruko and All Hygro range, the manufacturer especially recommends its “Arnold’s Top Frisch KA”. Adding low doses of this ­substance ensures microbiological stability, which results in longer shelf-life without any influence on ­flavour.

Robruko – Supply food grade acid used in the shelf life extension of cooked meats.

Freshness is judged when it is consumed
Natural raw materials guarantee freshness until consumption. In addition, the colour and taste are supported. Robrüko® becomes an indispensable helper in the production of sausage and meat products.

Raw sausage
The bacterial saponification of fats is inhibited by Robrüko® as well as the growth of unwanted bacteria. The added starter cultures begins work faster in an optimal environment. Robrüko® ensures uniform ripening and reproducible results in the raw sausage.

Boiled sausage
Colour, aroma and freshness are the three important factors to preserve. Robrüko® maintains these properties significantly longer. White sausages stay visibly fresher longer, this can also be clearly observed with prepackaged goods.

Boiled sausage
Clear, pure aspic, optimally opened liver without a bitter taste, stable, red blood, all things that Robrüko® can do. In addition, Robrüko® retains the liver sausage colour.

Cooked cured products
A mild, round taste and an intensified, stable color. Robrüko® also does its job in cooked cured products. It also underlines the taste of its own.

Delicatessen and ready meals
Soups and stews taste rounder and last longer. Fresh onions are defused by Robrüko®.

All Hygro
Supply food grade acid used on the outside of meat. For example All Hygro is used for washing salami to prevent mold growth and in particular, for rind treatment with rind emulsion. Liquid freshness holders enable optimal dosing and the best possible distribution on the end product. One product, many uses.

Safely pre-cook cooked sausage material:
The cooking times can be reduced significantly. An unbeatable advantage, especially in times of rising energy prices. Cooking loss is reduced and the color is stabilized.

Keeping sausages and sausages fresher longer:
The optimal combination of edible acids offers optimal protection against fogging.

Help against smear and mold:
In the case of raw sausage and ham, in particular, mold and smear formation are undesirable and lead to a loss of quality.

To “sour” brine injectors:
Avoids deposits, clogging and contamination.

The acid swells the texture of the rinds and decomposes the collagen. Both reactions cause a good emulsifying and water binding activity which are not achieved with untreated rinds.



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