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Even before you invest in a smoking oven to turn fresh cuts of meat into delicious products, you can add some flavour to your products with a commercial meat tumbler. Marinate and tenderise meats and protein with our range of high-quality, effective commercial tumbling machines today.

Whether you run a small, family-owned butcher shop, a medium sized smallgoods factory or a large processing plant, our collection of commercial tumblers offers a convenient and affordable way to increase the quality and value of your product and ensure your customer satisfaction. Browse through our range of tumblers today to find the one that is best for you or consult with our industry experienced sales representatives.

How do tumbling machines work?

Our tumblers use a simple process to create tender and flavourful meats. Simply combine the product and marinade in the bowl of the tumbler and then seal and start it. There are three different tumbler types which will match your processes, Mixing Tumbler (no vacuum), Vacuum Tumbler and Cooling Vacuum Tumbler. The tumbler will automatically massage the meat and via the tumbling action breaks down the muscle and protein, and a series of rotating fins help to randomize this action. This tenderizes the meat and opens the pores for better marinade penetration.

Benefits of meat tumbling machines

Both you and your customers will benefit when you invest in a meat tumbling machine with the following benefits:

  • Higher-quality products
  • Moister, tenderer, more flavourful meats
  • Less waste
  • Enhanced presentation
  • Customer satisfaction means return business

Why should I buy or rent a tumbler?

Tumbling machines are ideal for massaging, blending, marinating, and tumbling a range of meats including beef, pork, poultry, and fish as well as mixing and blending vegetables and salads without requiring excessive space or additional manpower. If you’re in the food processing business, a tumbler is essential to create higher-quality products that customers are more willing to purchase.

CBS Foodtech – Commercial Machinery, Unbeatable Service

Here at CBS Foodtech, we offer a range of commercial tumbling machines in a variety of sizes and capacities. Whether you’re looking for a space-saving tabletop model or a substantial floor model, we can help. We have been providing a comprehensive selection of machinery to Australian business owners for over 30 years, from commercial smoking ovens and tumblers to dicing, slicing, skinning equipment and more.

Browse our range of commercial cooking processing machinery today to find reliable, effective equipment within your budget for to enhance your business. Need help or wish to schedule a meeting? Simply call us on 02 9979 6722 to speak to a representative today.

  • Tumbling

    Vakona – VM850 STL

  • Tumbling

    Vakona – ESK 550

  • Tumbling

    Vakona – FM300 STL

  • Tumbling

    Henneken – MVT 50 Tumbler

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