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As the demand for the convenience of processed and packaged goods continues, the importance of owning a reliable and high-quality slicing machine is paramount. Whether it’s smallgoods products such as ham, salami, meatloaf products, or cheese the need for an adaptable meat slicer to meet current and future slicing needs is crucial to your business.

With the new generation of meat slicers, precision slicing, perfect product presentation, and energy-saving machine designs are some of the considerations when purchasing a machine. The features to look for in a commercial food slicer are:

  • Product gripper options to match your product and maximize yield
  • Easily removable blades for sharpening
  • Simultaneous product slicing – two different products sliced side by side
  • Presentation options include stacking, staggered stacking, and shingling
  • Shingling configuration options for various products
  • Generous stack heights of up to 100mm
  • Touchscreen technology with an intuitive menu system
  • Online connectivity for yield management and machine manufacturer’s technical support
  • Matched belt expansion modules for integration to fully automated packing lines
  • Open design and easy accessibility to the cutting area for easy, time-saving cleaning
  • Trusted, industry-leading brand for reliability, design safety, and spare parts availability
  • Drop-in blade guards for safe blade changes and cleaning operations

A combined research and consultative approach with a trusted dealer, along with a clear vision of your product outcomes and what you’re looking for in a meat slicer will ensure your confidence in the decision-making process.

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