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When your production out grows your combi ovens and you can no longer accept inconstantly processed product with high yield losses you need to consider a Reich Oven for cooking, sous vide, baking, smoking (hot or cold) or drying of meat, fish, cheese, poultry, vegetables, snacks and pet foods.

Depending on your product and process vertical or crossflow high volume air circulation provides for high drying rates with excellent process consistency over the height and width of the trolley.

The features to look for in your next Commercial Oven are:

  • Scalable capacity,
  • Optimised air flow,
  • Consistent processing ability side to side & top to bottom,
  • Custom units for cooking (with or without smoke), baking and drying,
  • Full programmable and recipe driven,
  • Compatible with plant based data acquisition systems,
  • Roll in roll out,
  • High care / Low care design,
  • Full integrated CIP systems
  • Steam or electric, and
  • German designed and fabricated.

Ensuring these key points have been addressed will provide you with an efficient and flexible cooking solution with a long lifespan delivering a great return on investment.

  • Cooking

    Reich KBK – Drying & Cooking Oven (Without Smoking)

  • Cooking

    Talsa – REA505 Water Cooker

  • Cooking

    Talsa – REA250 Water Cooker

  • Cooking, Smoking

    Reich BKQ – Baking Cooking Oven

  • Cooking, Smoking

    Reich UKQ – Universal Cross Flow Smoking Cooking Oven

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