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Mission and Vision of CBS Foodtech

“CBS Foodtech aims to be the food manufacturers preferred partner and create complete solutions through innovative technology thinking and experience.”

By regularly meeting face to face with our European suppliers in Germany, Spain, Austria we maintain strong business relationships in order to bring you the latest innovations in machine process technology appropriate for the Australian Market. At CBS Foodtech we take pride in sourcing the highest quality single source herbs, spices and combination ingredients to achieve premium results for your recipes across all forms of food processing. For our ingredients our German suppliers place advance orders on single ingredients to secure the cream of the crop, best harvests, to maintain the highest quality on single source herbs and spices, which we in turn, bring to you.

ABOUT CBS Foodtech

CBS Foodtech Pty Ltd is an Australian owned multifaceted company that is today a significant contributor to the food processing industry. A family owned and operated business established in its Sydney premises for 30 years.