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Machinery Testing

Our purpose-built test facility is available for customers to develop products or processes using the latest processing technology and under the direction of our highly knowledgeable Applications Specialists.

Our Applications team have over 100 years of combined experience in the machines, the products and processes ranging from traditional European smallgoods to the latest manufactured meats and vegetarian products.


We believe that giving you the chance to test that machinery operates in a way that you expect, is an important pre-purchasing condition.

When it comes to machinery in the application centre we can replicate nearly any industrial process from cooling, crust freezing, size reduction, dicing, shredding, portioning, mixing, injecting, tenderising, filling, forming, slicing to fermentation, cooking, baking and packing.

Applications Centre

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Fully Functional Testing

Applications Centre

Our standard selection of permanent machines allows an incredible range of processing options, including mincing, mixing, emulsifying, cutting, vacuum filling, forming, portioning, linking, clipping, vacuum tumbling and massaging, marination, injection, skinning, slicing, dicing, strip cutting, portion cutting, blanching, boiling, steam cooking, baking, smoking, controlled atmosphere drying, vacuum and gas flush packaging.