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CBS Foodtech has built its reputation as a supplier of innovative European machinery and food ingredients that are designed and created specifically for the meat processors, ready meals industry as well as butchery and smallgoods manufacturers.

We specialise in products for red meat, smallgoods and poultry, convenience foods and ready meals. By supplying the highest quality products to our customers. This promise is backed by our service and experience in maintaining the highest level of quality throughout the supply chain.

With 45 years in the industry, we have become a preferred business partner for meat processing businesses of all sizes, proving time and time again that we can support our customers through all phases of their business growth.

We offer a wide range of consumables for the food processing industry with our point of difference being our core items, which are sources from high end HACCP certified suppliers in Germany.

Our diverse range of ingredients include:

  • Herbs and Spices
  • Functional Additives
  • Curing Brines
  • Tenderising Additives
  • Marinades, Rubs, Glazes and Sauces
  • Standard and Custom Ingredients Premixes

Uncompromised support

Our experienced sales staff will guide you through the ingredients selection for your product, ensuring you select the seasonings and functional additives that will match and exceed your expectations.

Recreate and redesign your products

Your customers are always evolving and so should our products!

We help you change, redesign, or create new products for your range and support you with our extensive range of ingredients ad functional additives. This also includes E-free products, organic selections and clean labelling.

Tailored research and development

Our test kitchen facility allows you to test our ingredients prior to ordering, adding up to your real-time production Equipped with the latest technology, we demonstrate processing techniques and new ingredients on the latest machine technology This includes demonstrations of yield optimisation, how to select ingredients, product and recipe creation, as well as manufacturing training that is tailored for your business.

View the Ingredients Brochure PDF here

ABOUT CBS Foodtech

CBS Foodtech Pty Ltd is an Australian owned multifaceted company that is today a significant contributor to the food processing industry. A family owned and operated business established in its Sydney premises for 30 years.