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When CBS Foodtech decided to partner with culinary genius Chef George Francisco to create a range of all-natural meat rubs and spices, the partnership was always going to be a winning combination.

The overwhelming response from the industry and the introduction of 4 additional flavours in recent weeks is a testament to the success of the wildly popular Soul Kitchen Spices range.

The decision to offer businesses of all sizes the ability to meet a growing consumer demand for healthier food processing options while delivering world-class flavours has proven to be a winning combination.

soul-kitchenProducing a range of now 12 mouth-watering, lip smacking rubs and spices, Chef George Francisco has taken culinary inspiration from the Deep American South to produce a powerhouse of flavours in a very real and authentic way. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of traditional Southern recipes and smoke house flavours, Francisco worked to create a versatile and extensive range for the modern day kitchen. The unique blends, ranging from a Deeper Shade Of Soul Chicken to a Louisiana Lip Lock Sweet Beef Rub, are each carefully mixed to deliver a different and unique food experience. All the flavour without the fuss for the busy butcher and chef!

Offering versatility to businesses of all sizes, Soul Kitchen Spices finger licking rubs were developed for varied meat cuts, from beef, chicken, and pork to artisan cures for bacon. Each mix is packed in resealable bags which can season anywhere between 3kg – 10kg of meat.

Selling directly to butchers and restaurants across Australia and New Zealand, the Soul Kitchen Spices range has added 4 new flavours to cater to a wider demographic.

The latest releases include a Duck and Game Bird Rub, with a rich combination of coriander, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, fennel and cumin filling the gap in a demand for rich Asian inspired flavours.

The Chesapeake Bay Crab and Shellfish Boil mix arrives just in time for summer and a rising demand for seafood during the summer period.

The Zydeco Gumbo Goodness mix offers a mouthwatering option for world-class seafood and seafood dishes sans the fuss.

The final addition to the family is the Succotash Vegetable Spice Mix which delivers a Southern punch to vegetable roasts and dishes, offering a welcome vegan alternative to businesses looking to offer the cater to a wider food demographic.

Soul Kitchen Spices

Delivering all the taste sans the guilt, the Soul Kitchen Spices range is representative of a move towards healthier food manufacturing alternatives. Offering a welcome gluten-free, preservative-free, all natural approach to food seasoning, the world-class range has been developed to help businesses of all sizes meet a growing demand for healthier food options. With a demand for organic produce in Australia prompting many farmers to switch from traditional to organic farming, the Soul Kitchen Spices range offers a welcome alternative for butchers and the wider hospitality industry looking to keep up with the changing landscape.

We invite you to try the full range.

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Whether you are a supervisor, manager or business owner, it is important that you understand the nature and behaviour of every cost that is associated with your business. Capturing costs and analysing them on a regular basis is a crucial component of your success because it enables decision making that is informed and can lead to real business transformation through increased productivity.

Slicing-costs-CBS Foodtech

Choosing the right plant equipment can make a profound difference in productivity and yield, and can affect your output costs.

Before your product hits the market shelves, the two most important production tasks are slicing and packaging, and optimising these with the right equipment can have a significant impact on your bottom-line. At CBS Foodtech, we are literally slicing costs for the cheese and smallgoods industry through innovative machinery that is designed and built to help you optimise key production functions.


Discover our range of Treif Dividers and Treif Slicer Generation (PLUS) Series. They are characterised by reduced non-productive times, energy savings through slicing at higher product temperatures, even more power and dynamics in the drives, maximum process reliability, more capacity and even more flexibility to accommodate customer requests.

TREIF slicers can cut continuously without idle cuts.
That means that less blade rotations are required for the same output. Not only is this more gentle on the product, it also allows slicing at higher – i.e. warmer – product temperatures, saving you time and energy costs.

In addition this range of machinery offers:

  • A quicker feed rate, reduced non-productive times, and maximum process safety
  • Increased capacity and even more flexibility at your request
  • Perfect product presentation thanks to SAS procedure combined with circular blade technology, even in the case of “difficult“ products



Reducing costs is a continuous business aim that should be evaluated on a frequent basis, and it can be overwhelming, which is why our Business Case Appraisal service is on high demand. We have the knowledge, expertise and innovative vision to allow your business, whether new or established, to perform as efficiently as possible by ‘slicing production costs’.

Our team is made up of experts who have worked in multidisciplinary roles within the food processing industry in both Australia and Europe. With our testing facility in Sydney, customers can trial our popular meat and cheese machinery from our range of reputable brands like Treif and Sesotec, and experiment with ingredients prior to making key investment decisions.

To book your consultation get in touch with our team.

With an increase of export demand due to favourable weather conditions and a strong rise in production volumes of both beef and lamb, there has been a notable increase of acquisition of meat processing businesses and a rise of new start-ups entering the market. If you are currently planning to enter into, expand or build your business, or if you want to make your existing business model more profitable, we have some tips!

“The annualised industry growth of 9% since 2011 along with the low level of capital intensity gives business owners healthy margins for success and financial growth.”


Evaluation is key; an existing company with a proven business model also needs to look good on paper, demonstrating a healthy history of profitability. Before entering into an acquisition opportunity check the company’s existing customer base, the consistency of turnover and the value of each customer. Reputation and brand recognition are also pivotal factors to consider. Review all historical liabilities and establish if your product or niche can fit into the model of a pre-existing company; if not, a start-up may be a more favourable option.



In your planning stages clearly identity your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Review your existing competition but remember that running in your own lane is also important. Connect with industry bodies, trade groups and regulatory agencies; immerse yourself in the industry and complete as much background research as necessary so that you arrive to a clarified understanding of your product and service offering.

CBS-Foodtech-TestKitchen 01



In the initial phases of your planning you will need to consider where your supplies will come from, this includes both meat and non-meat ingredients like ingredients, packaging and most importantly your equipment. This will then lead you to the design of your facility where construction and set-up costs must be treated as a priority.



Finding the right machinery at the right expenditure can be challenging. Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the level of investment, particularly for start-up meat processing businesses. In the presence of grant funding, and loans from either bank or private investors it is crucial to consider the level of initial investment in plant machinery. Overcommitment can be just as detrimental as underinvestement.

CBS Foodtech can conduct business appraisals for customers who wish to buy machinery or ingredients, which can justify capital expenditure appraisals required to obtain funding. Our service, in most instances can be used to offset against the purchase of machinery and ingredients.


Tapping into industry expertise is important during the set-up phase. Our team is made up of experts who have worked in multidisciplinary roles within the meat processing industry in both Australia and Europe.

“As industry leaders we supply European machinery and ingredients that offer unparalleled solutions to food manufacturers of all sizes and have done so for over thirty years.”

With our testing facility in Sydney, customers can trial our popular meat industry machinery from reputable brands like Treif, Reich, Rex, Boss and Sesotec to name a few, and experiment with flavourings and ingredients prior to making key investment decisions.

During the planning phase, consider CBS Foodtech for assistance in the following areas

  • Machine and product testing
  • Research and development
  • Full factory design, build and installations
  • Capital expenditure appraisal
  • Factory operations analysis and cost reduction programmes
  • Training
  • KPI measurement programmes

Designing and planning a small to medium size plant can be overwhelming which is why our Business Case Appraisal service is on high demand. We have the knowledge, expertise and innovative vision to allow your business, whether new or established, to perform as efficiently as possible.

To book your consultation get in touch with our team.






The team is back at CBS Foodtech HQ after a week at IFFA Frankfurt 2016. IFFA is the most important innovation platform for the sector and the leading international trade fair to focus on the subject of meat.

Leading manufacturers from Germany and abroad presented innovative technologies, trends and future-oriented solutions for all stages of the meat-processing chain: from slaughtering and dismembering, via processing, to packaging and sales.

IFFA 2016 was very successful, it attracted over 63,000 trade visitors from 143 countries from the sector. Not for the faint hearted, we calculated that for the duration of the event we walked approximately 72 kilometres, which is indicative of the vast size of the exhibition space.

Our sales team was excited to connect with our key suppliers, Rex, Treif, Maja, Reich, Veripack and Sesotec, who were very helpful and delivered impressive sales training at the show.


We also met with our ingredients suppliers, Raps, Van Hees and GM who are looking to send over a representative to join our rep in Sydney with the goal of assisting us and our customers in further developing new product ideas.

Automation, product quality and operational control were the trends and it was evident at the show as companies were centering their presentations and training around this theme.

At the show we had the opportunity to try new products at the ingredients stands.
We were quite impressed with the taste of vegetarian mortadella, and rather amused with trying insect burgers, and fish sausages! With hours of daily walking through the exhibition space, the team got hungry in the evening. Luckily, Frankfurt delivered  a show of flavour for us; we experienced Jagermeister and found out that it can turn sane people insane (insert sarcasm with partial truth), we tried Spargel which some refer to as the albino version of asparagus!
Simply incredible flavours and highly representative of the German culinary scene.


For CBS Foodtech, this was a valuable opportunity to meet with existing but also new suppliers as we are always on the lookout for new innovations that can push the technological boundaries of our industry further, and assist our number one priority – our customers.

We are open to forming new collaborations and we are currently in negotiation with key suppliers, which will see CBS Foodtech delivering specialised training for our machinery and ingredients, so stay tuned with our updates on LinkedIn and twitter.

It’s a busy time of the year, and we’re even busier preparing for Queensland’s new industry exhibition for food and beverage manufacturing professionals. We’re excited to be exhibiting at FoodTech Qld 2016 in Brisbane from 26-28 June at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. Brought to you by the organisers of foodpro, FoodTech Qld is a new event created to support Queensland’s strong food processing industry, connecting businesses with new ingredients, technology and ideas to grow your operation.

“With the strong growth of the food processing industry in Queensland, we see this as a great opportunity for us to connect with businesses, to showcase our leading food manufacturing equipment and ingredients, and build new relationships.”

CHRIS GREEN General Manager, CBS Foodtech


FoodTech Qld LEADERBOARD_Animated_Meat



Over three days, FoodTech Qld will bring suppliers of new ingredients, packaging solutions, efficient equipment, the latest technology and more right to your doorstep. We’ll be located at stand F34 so make sure you download your map and come and visit us, because we have a lot on offer.

Meet us and collect your complimentary sample bag which includes a unique post-event offer and two of our Meisterspice samples. CBS Foodtech’s ingredients come directly from Europe where the boundaries of food and ingredients development are constantly extended to bring new and exciting product development opportunities. At the event you can view our range of dry and wet ingredients for multiple applications, our blends, and you can speak to us about flavour profile development.

Your opportunity to find solutions, not just machinery. We work with manufacturers of all sizes, and have the knowledge, expertise and innovative vision to allow your business to perform as efficiently as possible. At Foodtech QLD you can view our state of the art machinery and experience our live demos.

Book your complimentary consultation at our machine and product test facility. If you wish to test, develop and plan your next project, whether it’s the justification for a new machine, or developing your next big product line we have the ultimate mix of machinery, ingredients and product knowledge in the one facility. You can secure your complimentary consultation at the event.

Need one more reason? You can gain free entry so grab your ticket today.

Stay tuned for our upcoming updates, and if you’re attending say hello on twitter using hashtag #cbsfoodtech



ABOUT CBS Foodtech

CBS Foodtech Pty Ltd is an Australian owned multifaceted company that is today a significant contributor to the food processing industry. A family owned and operated business established in its Sydney premises for 30 years.