CBS Foodtech helps automate food processes

CBS Foodtech helps automate food processes

Recent customers automate the production of some of their products!

It’s always a pleasure helping new customers automate their business journey. Here CBS Foodtech are with a new customer  in WA, who purchases 2 Reich UK Smoke Ovens. The customer wants the ovens as an integral part of their food production process. It is important we set in motion all the necessary fundamentals and training to get them confident with these automations.  CBS Foodtech are onsite to manage the installation. We install both UK Smokehouse Units and a Rex RVF 327 vacuum filler for sausages. We manouevre the smokehouse ovens into the correct position. Our customer, requests these positions so their production line follows their production processes. On this occasion the ovens are set side by side, rather than one behind the other.

Each Airmaster UK oven integrates the entry system to allow heavily load trolleys to easily move into place. Airmaster Smokehouse oven units automate the thermal cooking function with any of the following heating systems.  You can automatically select the power source to  use electricity, gas or steam. When deciding where to install your UK thermal unit, you can choose for your oven position, one behind the other or side by side. For food processes which require hygienic entry and exit, we place the Reich ovens one behind the other. This achieves a walk through configuration to allow separate input at entry and removal of product at the output.

Training on how to automate food processes, helps customers succeed

CBS Foodtech run through onboarding or inductions to provide customers the experience needed to automate functions on these machines. After their training, customers have the confidence to run these highly sophisticated thermal food processing units on their own. The touch screen has a versatile array of  thermal functions to choose from for your cooking process. Automation is the key to streamlining our WA customer’s food process. We go through each automated function like Drying, Reddening, Hot Smoking, Cold-smoking and Climatic Smoking. These are just some of the applications on offer at the touch of the keypad to facilitate the process of food cooking. We are also available by phone whenever a customer has something they want to troubleshoot. By the customer sending a video or photo, this enables us to immediately recognise and resolve any stoppages in machinery function.

Since our customer also purchases a Rex RVF 327, we give training in the automatic functions and capabilities of the RVF 327 Vacuum Sausage Filler. Once the sausages are in casings we position them evenly and hang them up on smoke sticks. The smoke sticks suspend across the width of the Reich trolleys. Each trolley with evenly spaced sausages rolls into the UK oven for either curing, drying, fermenting and or cooking, depending on the sausage type.

The magic happens in the automation of the cooking process via the touch screen control. Raw sausages become smoked sausages ready to supply.

If you’d like to find out more about setting up a food process facility including any machinery available on our website, just talk to us or fill in the contact form.

Check out the Rex RVF 327 here

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