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Your Recipe for Success

The Food Processing
Equipment Specialists

CBS Foodtech ensures your quality and satisfaction with every purchase.
Your Recipe for Success

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Your Recipe for Success

The Raw Material and
Ingredient Experts

CBS Foodtech offers a professional distribution service of raw
and blended ingredients catered to your specifications.


Food Processing Machinery

High quality, dependable and precise meat, cheese and food automation and processing machinery. Essential for established and scaling businesses within the overarching food industry. CBS Foodtech also provides inhouse and mobile machinery servicing.

Ingredients & Consumables

Catering to all your needs. CBS Foodtech provides herbs, spices, ingredients, functionals and additives, as well as packaging and other consumables. Featuring an online ordering platform and readily available customer support to guide you through any issues.

Service & Spare Parts

CBS Foodtech stocks a plethora of spare parts, readily available for all our major machine brands. Dicers, Injectors, Slicers and many more spare parts, stocked for immediate delivery and dispatch. CBS Foodtech also houses in-house technicians, ready for scheduled and emergency machine services.

Food Processing Equipment

We are Australia’s staple food processing equipment vendor.

CBS Foodtech provides an unparalleled service for our food manufacturing customers. From major companies to your local butcher, we have developed the knowledge, expertise and innovative approach to ensure your business is efficient. If can provide you with high-end food processing machines and food processing equipment, get in touch with our sales family today.

Our Mission

CBS Foodtech are the leaders in the food processing industry.

Our mission is to ensure that all our customers have a satisfaction guarantee, striving to create relationships with our customers pushing for opportunities and profitable outcomes for everyone involved.

Our Vision

CBS Foodtech is comprised of a team of professionals, all looking to cater to your needs.

Our vision is to ensure that all our customers have the product satisfaction they require. We provide only the highest quality equipment, focusing on long-term options rather then curative fixes for business, allowing for scalability and a return on your investment.


Unrivalled Service

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Are you a business looking for food processing solutions?

CBS Foodtech Pty Ltd is an Australian owned multifaceted company that is today a significant contributor to the food processing industry.


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Machinery Sales, Service & Spare Parts

CBS Foodtech has built its reputation as a supplier of innovative European machinery

Ingredients, Spices and Pre-mixed Blends

CBS Foodtech has built its reputation as a supplier of food ingredients